TV: Eurovision 2012 Live Commentary

“Eurovision! Eurovision! Eurovision! Are you ready?!”

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Eurovision begins.

Opening ceremony. Showing the construction of the hall. The two female presenters are beautiful! As is the last year’s winner.


Competition beings!


UK performing. “Love Will Set You Free”.

I’m not sure why Engelbert Humperdinck has an odd accent that sounds very little like a British accent. Hmm.. well, it will fit in with the Euro-accents. The ballad is not to my taste, but he seems to be doing okay. The dancers in the background are annoying! Impressive fireworks make up for it slightly.


Hungary performing. “Sound of Our Hearts”. Quiet a cool song. Good instruments.

You know they’re not really playing the guitar though!


Albania Performing. “Suus”. Sung by an experimental Jazz musium! A little bit too artists for my taste. I’m not sure I can call that singing. Too breathless…


Lithuania performing. “Love is Blind”. Another ballad! I’m not a ballad person, and also, where is the Eurovision cheese! Oh nevermind, it turns into a disco-esque song.


Bosnia & Herzegovina performing. “Korake ti znam”. Apparently the last balld for a while. I really hope so, the top of Eurovision is slighted blighted by the slow pace.

The singer has a beautiful voice though. Very gentle and lovely. The piano and the other instrument is really nice touch. Even though she’s abandoned the piano for just standing and singing now.


Russia performing. “Party for Everybody”. Supposedly this will break out the humour!

Aww this is adorable in a way. Grannies doing a cheesy dance and singing in traditional dress. Out of tune! Lovely!


Iceland performing. “Never Forget”. An eery duet, which sounds pretty good actually. Iceland always has good songs.


Cyprus performing. “La La Love”. Please bring something amazing Cyrprus!

It’s quiet a cute little pop song, very catchy. Very Eurovision! Definitely going to one of faves from this year, I think. Does it sample beats from JLo’s song? Or another recent song? Hm..

Great dance breakdown in the middle!


France Performing. “Echo (You and I)”. Famous singer Ahoy! A beautiful singer with a split train cloak. Wow.. not much gymnatics from the boys though!


Italy performing. “L’amore è femmina. Amy Winehouse look-a-like. Not sure if I like this, even if she looks very nice. But the song is a bit too rubbish and jazzy. This song seems to be very stable for Eurovision..


Estonia performing. “Kuula”. A sole male singer crooning at a microphone. Of course, that’s the way to win votes with this audience!

He has a really nice and powerful voice.


Norway performing. “Stay”. Wow, this is very familiar! Eric Saade’s Popular much? Again, this is the way to play this audience: vote for pretty-boys. Great fireworks again.


The break to greenroom. A chance to spot a couple of pretty people resting before or after they perform.


Azerbaijan performs. “When the Music Dies”. They are the host!

A beautiful dress and an even more beautiful voice. Amazing high notes, and the ethinic singing in the background is quite cool. Her dress must have lights inside to make it change color like that. Very cool effect.


Romania performs. “Zaleilah”. At last! Back to the good old Euro-flavour!

It’s a cute pop song, with lots of fun on stage between the band playing and the singers. It’s one of my favorite so far! Lovely and cheesy!


Denmark performs. “Should’ve Known Better”. A pretty good pop-rock song, with various band members, and interesting costumes. Seriously good lyrics.. well, I guess with Eurovision there’s not much competition for LYRICS!


Greece performs. “Aphrodisiac”. One of the best things to come out of Eurovision from Greece was Kalamoira, and this is very similar to her stuff. Great pop Euro-song! Really catchy, and just that bit ethnic and saucy. Typical of Greece, I say!


Sweden perform. “Euphoria”. Okay this is the best song so far! Eerie, trancy, and gorgeous vocals and girl to sing it! This. Will. Win! I’m sure! I love the shadowed silhouette and the dancer. It’s AMAZING!


Turkey performs. “Love Me Back”. Men with large cloaks flapping around a sailor singer that looks like one of the members of JLS; think his name’s Marvin. Anyways, yup, this is overly-ethinic. But much respect to anyone that can understand what he’s bleating about.

Reminds me of the pirate song a couple years back.


Spain performing. “Quédate conmigo”. The first thin I thought was that her dress might reveal too much, but she’a wearing a skin-coloured top underneath.

The song is beautiful. Much better than Spain’s offering last year. I love her smooth voice and the notes that she can just pull. Gorgeous. Very powerful and technically impressive performance. She might WIN!


Germany performing. “Standing Still”. Okay, this guy turned up to Eurovision in a BEANIE HAT?! Is nothing sacred! the song is pleasant, but doesn’t make an impact after Spain’s performance.

There’s a band with him, which quite a few of the performances have had this year.


Malta performing. “This Is the Night”. Dancing music. Alaos another fake back in the background, but the song is great! Catchy pop. It’s not gonna win, but it might do well.

They do little dance moves and jumps to the music. Hooray! School-boy antics and charm. It’s a good performance and lovely energy.


Macedonia performing. “Crno i belo”. It’s not to my taste, and her crooning into a microphone does very little for me. The rock taking over makes it a little more intresting, but i think the song lacks quirkiness.

This year’s Eurovisions’ standards have been high, so even passable songs like this need to work to be remembered. they would have been good in previous years but are struggling this year.


Ireland performing. “Waterline”. I’ve been waiting for this! Jedward are a good laugh, but last year they did well, so looking forward to this.

WHY ARE THEY WEARING SPACESUITS?? At least the song is decent, and they still have the Jedward jerk-twitch-dance. Are they actually singing? They’re dacing and the microphones are nowhere near their mouths! Pretty good song and performance overall though. Hoepfully the Euro-fans will vote for them!

Aaah a water fountain! That’ll win them votes!


Serbia performing. “Nije ljubav stvar”. After Jedward, this mellow performance is unsettling. A golden voice and smooth, sophisticated song. What is this doing in Eurovision?


Ukraine performing. “Be My Guest”. I was expecting something like Beauty and the Beast’s Be My Guest, not this pop-y, crazy lady with flower on her head. the song seems like it’s desperate to break down into dubstep.

Quite catchy though! It’s like a carnival on stage.


Moldova performs. “Lăutar”. I look forward to Moldova’s performance every year. They are always amazing, let’s see if they can make it good this year!

Feels like a bit of a mess to be honest. It’s not as catchy or as well made as the previous years. The dancers are quirky, but the songs lacks power.

This is the end of the performances.


Votes are now closed, and are now being counted. An impressive and quality performance by a famous Azerbaijani pop star, whose name I keep missing. …But it least it look very nice. Multiple musicians are being featured.


Still walking around the green room.  Azerbaijan’s host is talking to the Azerbijan singer, and it is so awkward.


Getting to the results!


Albania votes.

Greece is in the lead, 12 points.


Montanegro votes. Serbia gets 12 points.


Romania votes.

8 – Greece, 10 – Sweden, 12 -Moldova.

Sweden in the lead with 22.


Austria votes.

8 – Albania, 10 – serbia, 12 – sweden.


Ukraine votes.

8 – Moldova, 10 – Russia, 12 – Azerbaijan.


Balarus votes.

8 – Lithuania, 10 – Ukraine, 12 – Russia.


Belgium votes.

8 – Russia, 10 – Albania, 12 – Sweden.


Azerbaijan votes.

8 – Malta, 10 – Russia, 12 – Turkey.


Malta votes.

8 – Turkey, 10 – Italy, 12 – Azerbaijan.


San Marino votes.

8 – Moldova, 10 – Russia, 12 – Albania.


France votes.

8 – Serbia, 10 – Estonia, 12 – Sweden.

Sweden is still in the lead! Second place is Russia.


UK votes.

8 – Spain, 10 – Ireland, 12 – Sweden.


Turkey votes.

8 – Macedonia, 10 – Bosnia & H, 12 – Azerbaijan


Greece votes.

8 – Serbia, 10 – Albania, 12 – Cyprus


Bosnia & H votes.

8 – Sweden, 10 – Serbia, 12 -Macedonia.

Sweden will in the lead! Russia is still second!


Moldova votes.

8 – Ukraine, 10 – Azerbaijan, 12- Romania.


Bulgaria votes.

8 – Sweden, 10 – Azerbaijan, 12 – Serbia.


Switzerland votes.

8 – Spain, 10 – Serbia, 12 – Albania.


Slovenia votes.

8 – Russia, 10 – Sweden, 12 – Serbia.


Cyprus votes.

8 – Azerbaijan, 10 – Sweden, 12 – Greece.


Croatia votes.

8 – Macedonia, 10 – Bosnia & H, 12 – Serbia


Slovakia votes.

8 – Hungary, 10 – Estonia, 12 – Sweden.

Sweden is first, Serbia is second!


Macedonia votes.

8 – Turkey, 10 – Serbia, 12 – Albania.


The Netherlands votes.

8 – Turkey, 10 – Serbia, 12 – Sweden.


Portugal votes.

8 – Russia, 10 – Germany, 12 – Spain.


Iceland votes.

8 – Cyprus, 10 – Estonia, 12 – Sweden.


Sweden votes.

8 – Estonia, 10 – Serbia, 12 – Cyprus.


Norway votes.

8 – Russia, 10 – Serbia, 12 – Sweden.


Lithuania votes.

8 – Estonia, 10 – Sweden, 12 – Azerbaijan.

Sweden still first! Serbia still second.


Estonia votes.

8 – Russia, 10 – Germany, 12 – Sweden.


Denmark votes.

8 – Russia, 10 – Germany, 12 – Sweden.


Latvia votes.

8 – Estonia, 10 – Russia, 12 – Euphoria.

Sweden is first. Russia is second!


Spain votes.

8 – Russia, 10 – Romania, 12 – Sweden.


Finland votes.

8 – Russia, 10 – Estonia, 12 – Sweden.


Georgia votes.

8 – Sweden, 10 – Azerbaijan, 12 – Lithuania.


Italy votes.

8 – Germany, 10 – Russia, 12 – Albania.

Sweden is first, Russia is second!


Serbia votes.

8 – Cyprus, 10 – Sweden, 12 – Macedonia.


Germany votes.

8 – Turkey, 10 – Serbia, 12 – Sweden.


Russia votes.

8 – Ukraine, 10 – Azerbaijan, 12 – Sweden.


Hungary votes.

8 – Albania, 10 – Germany, 12 – Sweden.

Sweden first, Russia second!


Israel votes.

8 – Azerbaijan, 10 – Spain, 12 – Sweden.


Ireland votes.

8 – Estonia, 10 – Germany, 12 – Sweden.


Sweden is announced as the winner!!!!


Well done to Sweden, great song and well deserved!

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