Anime: Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita (Mankind has Declined) – Episode 8 Summary + Review

“I’m still deciding on a super name…”

(The glass slipper doesn’t fit, but Ringo Kid is determined!)

Studio: AIC A.S.T.A

Genre: Surreal, Drama, Fantasy, Comedy, Age: 13+

Released: July 1 2012 – onwards

From the last episode, this is a closer look at the time jumps and events that happened previously. The Mediator was looking for the Assistant, and instead comes across her clones made by the fairies.

In one of the time jumps, she comes across an alternative version of the Assistant.

Warning! May contain spoilers!




This cowboy-type Assistant, is loud, and boisterous, even making moves on the Mediator. He calls himself the Ringo Kid, and fits all the descriptions that the Mediator can determine from her grandfather.

However.. something doesn’t feel right…

(The Mediator physically tries to escape Ringo kid’s groping dorkiness…)

Finding her way to the tea party of her clones, the Mediator discusses with her other selves about who they’re searching for, and how to recognise him.

The clones tell her to think, about the description that she was expecting the Assistant to be, and say that’s the real description. Because it’s impossible to lie to yourself.

(The mad hatter wasn’t invited to the tea party. The fairies aren’t organised enough…)

The final time in the village, the Mediator spots the Assistant. He’s much calmer and nicer… and also quiet.

It turns out that he’s used the clones’ description to find out what his real identity should be.

(“Everybody likes blue… Well, that’s it, you’re perfect!”)

Overall, this doesn’t continue events from the previous episodes, but just repeats them.

We get to see all the boring conversations that took place before, and see the same scenes, from the same angles… with just a few minor changes.

The Assistant was found at the end last time, so it riled me that the Mediator searches for him “again”. The alternative Assistant was annoying, and the final Assistant was same-old-same-old.

I should probably discuss the ethical issue of, why a person needs other people’s opinions to change themselves into something better… But I won’t.

The one redeeming factor about this episode is the Assistant talking. He only utters a couple of words, but from the start of the season his voice hasn’t been heard.

Only Jinrui‘s excellent episodes before have saved it in my mind. I wash my hands of all this time-paradox stuff…

Rated – 1/5 Confusing dissection of the previous episode. Could have been skipped.

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See the previous episode!

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  1. Vance

     /  August 25, 2012

    Your ability to follow the show is astoundingly bad.

    Ringo Kid was the Mediator’s grandfather in his youth. There were tons of indications that this was the case. The time period she was sent back to was labelled ???, indicating that she got sent to the wrong time period. She commented that it was odd when she entered the village, because she did not recognize it, which was yet another indication that she was in the wrong point in time. Ringo Kid looks NOTHING like the Assistant and even has the Grandfather’s eye color. They also have the same quirks with guns. The mediator was the beautiful woman that he took the sundial from, supported by how he stated that they were separated from each other shortly.

    The Assistant had no personality, which is why he searched for one. According to the doctor, he was intelligent, so he along with the Mediator, were aware that they were stuck in the world of the fairies, as the Mediator noted in episode 7 that the trees in the forest were too evenly spaced. He goes through the forest, and each time he notices more Mediators, all of which were searching for him, which could be a way to form a personality if they all converse with each other and come to a conclusion about their preferences. Note that in episode 7, it was unclear whether the Mediator actually had some awareness about what has happening and it seemed like she was just going with the flow. Episode 8 showed that she did have some awareness about what was going on and that through the loops, she pursued and developed a greater understanding about the Assistant’s circumstances and his lack of personality. The dialogue between the Mediator and the Grandfather/Doctor was also further elaborated upon, which was not seen in the previous episode, making it unclear about the Assistant’s identity crisis.

    • As an average viewer, the episode was confusing for me. I didn’t try to analyse this like you, and clearly missed out a lot of the details.

      Thanks for pointing stuff out in the comments.


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