Anime: Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun (My Little Monster) – Episode 4 Summary + Review

“I don’t have a brother complex”

(How far can you push back your chair…? Try it now.)

Studio: Brain’s base

Genre: Romantic, Comedy, Shojou, Drama  Age: 13+

Released: 28 September 2012 – onwards

From the previous episode, Shizuku feels downtrodden after getting a lower score on the tests than Haru. Since Haru never seems to study, she’s determined to spend her summer studying.

Warning! May contain spoilers!




Haru figures out the secret of making friends after Shizuku points out that he glares at people. His new “smiling” technique earns him a lot of female fans, and pushes Shizuku out of his circle.

(Haru and the chicken plan their future together)

Natsume and Shizuku have a heart-to-heart about Shizuku’s jealousy, which is a new emotion to the cold-natured Shizuku.

(Serial-Killer-Natsume was a potential side plot)

Things go well for Haru until he spots a shy girl being bullied by some of the upperclassmen. He decides to step in, but ends up in a fight.

(Haru asks for the time, and gets a bloody nose for his gall)

Shizuku has to drag him away from the confrontation, and she tells him that he’s trying to hard with people. eventually, they will figure out his good nature for themselves.

(“The seniors think they’re so tough. Just wait till they hit the job market!”)

Haru is touched by the amount of care Shizuku puts into their relationship. He makes a one-sided bet that Shizuku should spend summer holidays with him if his team win the football match.

(Poking a bruise is the most natural thing to do)

Haru manages to win, and Shizuku spends the entire day with Natsume, Sasayan and Mitsuyoshi.

(“May as well learn one useful skill this series”)

The subject of Haru’s older brother comes up, which Haru waves off as a touchy subject.

(Did Haru wash his hands before he cooked the fish?)

When the group get to Haru’s home they run into Yuzan, Haru’s older brother. Haru quickly makes his escape, but the rest of the group stay to meet him.

Yuzan seems particularly interested in Shizuku.

(“I may be a potential rival.. Maybe. I’m not saying anything for sure…”)

Haru seems to be estranged from his brother, and Shizuku invites him around to her house again.

(Haru practices killing his brother)

Overall, a lot of topics are covered briskly in this episode. It never really settles down into one main area, and that makes this episode hard to nail down.

On one side, the pacing makes the scenes go by pretty smoothly, but on the other hand, the “exam score”, “bully” and “summer holidays” could have been long episodes in their own right.

I’m hesitant to criticise this series. It’s turning into one of the most satisfying shoujo anime series I’ve seen in a while.

Rated – 3.5/5 Skips from topic to topic.

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