Anime: Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun (My Little Monster) – Episode 5 Summary + Review

“I love doughnuts”


(Haru secretly cheats.)

Studio: Brain’s base

Genre: Romantic, Comedy, Shojou, Drama  Age: 13+

Released: 28 September 2012 – onwards

From the previous episode, Shizuku feels even more determined to study when the delinquent Haru, who never went to middle-school, gets a higher score in a test than her. Haru’s not so sure about these plans for their first date.

Warning! May contain spoilers!




Yuzan, Haru’s mysterious older brother, comes to scope out Haru, who makes a quick exit.


(Shizuku’s too pretty to walk home without an escort)

Haru gets the help of Chizuru, a girl who is student president in another class. She recognises him from an earlier event, where he stopped some older boys from bullying her.

Chizuru confirms that Shizuku has left to accompany Yuzan instead, leaving Haru to chase after them.


(Haru’s peeping ways are discovered!)

Yuzan doesn’t reveal his real intentions to Shizuku until the end. After the talk about sweets, he reveals that their father wants Haru to return home, so that Haru may attend a school that their father will have more control over.

Yuzan, however is in empathy with Haru, and feels that he would be better off with Shizuku.


(Don’t take doughnuts from strangers!)

Haru catches up to the pair, and finally hears Yuzan out after Shizuku’s request. The pair leave after Haru agrees to never drop out of school.


(“Shizuku. Mine. You. Go. Home. Now.”)

Shizuku worries about how much Haru has kept from her about his personal life. However, Haru opens up during their walk home, and she feels very touched.


(Shizuku is subtly training Haru like a dog)

The next day at school, Haru is approached by a shy Chizuru, who thanks him for his actions a couple of days ago.


(“Take a sick day, you don’t look well.”)

Haru may have taken Chizuru’s apology in his stride, but Chizuru’s expression is obvious to Shizuku that her feeling for Haru are growing.


(The moment every shoujo lead dreads. Dun-dun-duun!)

Overall, Yuzan seems to be such a Haru clone, and it drives me mad looking at both these boys’ same expressions. I also think Yuzan comes across a bit creepy, regardless of whether his intentions are pure or not.

The episode could have benefited from a brotherly taunting between the pair, but Shizuku replaces the more aggressive Haru. Mellow scenes about eating sweets are lovely and well, but the middle dragged on for seemingly forever.

Chizuru is added at the end, like an afterthought, for a rival. I’m not even sure if Shizuku needs a rival, she’s very passive about Haru.

Rated – 2.5/5 Drags on with tedious conversation.

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