Movie: Tangled Summary + Review

“Rapunzel, mother knows best!”

Studio: Walt Disney Pictures

Genre: Adventure, Fairytale, Romance, Age: Children’s+

Released: 24th November 2010  (US version)

Tangled was one of my favourite Disney movies. I was kind of dissapointed with the previous princess; Princess Tian from the Princess and the Frog. I felt like that movie had a lot of potential, but didn’t reach it’s full capacity. Tangled really restored my faith in Disney. Unlike the previous Disney Princess movies, this was made using 3D animation, giving it a unique look. The story was also reworked to give this old tale by the Grim Brothers a new trick.

Rapunzel is a princess of a small kingdom, and is very much loved by her parents. However she posses a special power that can heal any person, to the point where they will never age. Mother Gothel, a scheming character, steals the princess when she was just a baby and locks her away in a high tower.

Rapunzel is raised by herself, alone in the tower with no link to the outside world.

Mother Gothel tries to dissuade Rapunzel from ever thinking about the outside world by telling her that it’s full of dangerous and hateful people. Rapunzel is doted on, but eventually, on her eighteenth birthday, her curiosity wins and she plans on seeing the outside world for herself.

Flynn Rider, a careless, smarmy thief that cares only about money is the other half of this story.

He’s trying to steal a tiara in his own cocky way, but his misadventures land him in a chase with the palace guards. He’s given most of them slip, all except the horse of the Captain of the Guards; Maximus.

Whilst trying to escape this hound-like horse, he climbs a hidden tower is knocked out by Rapunzel. Rapunzel  has never seen another human before, and doesn’t fall for Flynn’s “smoulder”.

She makes a deal that she’ll give him his precious crown if he takes her to the light that appear on her birthday each year. Flynn reluctantly agrees.

Her first taste of freedom makes her happy-sad-grinning-sobbing.

But sweet, sweet freedom is lovely.

She’s really excited to see more of the world, and Flynn is playing along.

Maximus, the horse, although he doesn’t like Flynn agrees to let him go for a day, to accompany Rapunzel to the lights.

Meanwhile, the Stabbington brothers, who Flynn stole the tiara from, are after Flynn for double-crossing them, as well as Mother Gothel when she realises that Rapunzel has escaped.

I won’t go into loads of detail for the rest of the movie, but there are some genuinely touching moments between Flynn and Rapunzel when they realise that they care for each other.

And of course, Rapunzel gets to see the lights, which were for the lost princess that was stolen 18 years ago..

Overall, this was a great movie. I loved how it looked, I loved the story, the characters, and the soundtrack was amazing. I recommend it to any person of all ages that wants to see how Disney is handling the 3D era of animation.

Rated – 4/5 Good plot and characters, highly entertaining. However, it was a bit fast-paced, and mother Gothel was a token baddie in some cases.

Some quick animation facts:

Rapunzels hair has to many individual hair vectors in it that it requires it’s own team to animate!

The animation was rendered is a special way that every screenshot would like it was hand-painted with a brush!

Flynn Rider is supposed to be the most dashing Disney hero!

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