News: Final Fantasy VII, VIII, IX Official Game Guide Trio Box Set Pre-Order

“Everyone can just fangirl now”


Release Date: 4th November 2014

While I’ve been doing my regular rounds through my favourite shopping spots, I spotted a mysterious new entry for a Final Fantasy Box Set.

It’s billed as a deluxe hardcover set of three books, which are the official re-rendered and updated guide books for Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, and Final Fantasy IX.

Yes, I think everyone can take a moment to just fangirl at this statement.

Each of the three books comes with a ribbon marker, similar to the treatment the latest Final Fantasy Limited Edition Guide’s have been receiving, see Final Fantasy XIII-2’s Guide Book as an example.

I think it’s fairly easy to get excited about this! Who doesn’t want to get their mitts on more Final Fantasy merchandise, especially books? These things don’t really see much of a release in the UK, and even so, they’re a bit of an abridged version compared to their Japanese (and sometimes even US) counterparts.

This Box Set version published by Prima Games however, claims to have 752 pages of goodness, which works out at roughly 250 pages per book. That’s a full-sized book if I ever saw one!

The cost of the box set really pushes the boundaries of what I want to pay for three books, with an RRP of £80 or $129.99. Happily, however, the books have been heavily discounted, and I’m just going to pre-order my copy before I explode.

These are available from and Amazon UK. Preview image from Barnes and Noble.



News: Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Final Mix Limited Edition Preorder

“Time to save some pennies for December”



Release Date: 2nd December 2014

I must have been living under a rock to miss this! For some reason, I started out 2014 eagerly checking for the pre-orders of Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Final Mix Limited Edition (*phew* mouthful…), and when the pre-orders do open, it’s almost like I’d forgotten the game existed.

This is of course the HD update for the original Kingdom Heart 2, and also contains the Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep, and Kingdom Hearts Re:coded. I can’t seem to figure out if Re:coded is actually the game or just the cutscenes? Regardless of whatever it is, I know I’ll still end up purchasing this.

Sadly, there’s no mention of an artbook like in the release of Kingdom Hearts 1.5, but for your hard-earned cash you get an *Exclusive Pin*. Yes, the artwork for Kingdom Hearts 1.5 wasn’t brilliant, but at least it made me look forward to getting the package, now it’s a…a… PIN.

Hard to get excited about that.

You can see the Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix Limited Edition (PS3) here.

See below for synopsis and trailer:


Purchased: UK Final Fantasy X HD Preorder

“I have never been more excited to enter my card details….”



Final Fantasy X HD is now available to pre-order from ShopTo. Not only that, but this is the limited edition that I was crying out for in my previous post.

I’m not sure why ShopTo has such a strange pre-ordering system, but you will have to:

  • make your account
  • add card details
  • go to the game page, and click ‘Buy’
  • confirm your purchase
  • check your details in your Account page, under Preorders

Was Amazon ever this complicated? No. But neither does it have a pre-order for FINAL FANTASY X HD!

I can rest easy now, knowing that I will soon be looking at a revamped epic game. Oh, and of course Final Fantasy X-2, which is not as epic, but I still like it.

News: What is going on with the UK Final Fantasy X HD Preorder?

“I want to listen to your story, I really do…”



Final Fantasy X HD is a much awaited title all over the world, so I guess I expected it to be readily available for pre-order when Square Enix made the announcement a few weeks back. Truth is, it is proving notoriously difficult to find for UK customers.

Amazon UK is normally good at following Amazon US a few days later. Similar to Kingdom Hearts 1.5: the pre-order was announced two weeks after the US version. The limited edition was ripe for the picking, and even though it sold out within a few days, it was still available.

With FFX HD, there appears to be a dud listing on Amazon, and no news of the limited edition (with the artbook), and no news of the standard version either.

UK customers usually get rubbish offers. Yes, thanks for making us pay a little more to get that “bonus” artbook for Kingdom Hearts 1.5. No free upgrades with each pre-order for us. Nope. However, I wouldn’t mind paying a little bit more to get the limited edition for FFX HD.

Is the only option to import it from the US at a ridiculous cost? It will cost roughly £40, which seems a little too much, even for my collecting niggles.

After scouring through the internet, a dead pre-order button was found at ShopTo, which seems to have the limited edition… but out of stock.

Backing up here, I understand that this is “just a game”, and “just an artbook”, and my life won’t explode in a fireball if I don’t get my hand on it. However, as someone that missed out the original FFX craze (I was a humble student in high school with limited money), I would love to jump on the bandwagon and enjoy the ride.

I am keeping fingers, toes and eyes crossed that Amazon gets a pre-order page ready.

Update: See my post here for the preorder information,

Purchased: The Casual Vacancy

“How to snub people and make enemies”

Author: J K Rowling

Genre: Drama, Age: Adult

Released: 27th September 2012

I can’t believe that’s it’s landed on my doormat, JK Rowling’s new book! Which I only bought because she’s the author of the amazing Harry Potter series.

As excited I was to read it, it’s been slightly deflated by internet reviews.The Daily Mail in the UK called it ‘vulgar and obscene’, Amazon UK reviews are calling it ‘depressing’ and various independent reviewers have labelled it as a ‘snub against the middle-classes’.

It won’t affect my view of the book whilst I read it, because reading is essentially shutting out the real world while you lose yourself in a fictional one. I never remember other people’s opinion and reviews, except my own, when I’m reading.

If JK had been any other writer, it wouldn’t have gotten half the negative attention the book is getting. It also makes me think that everyone is eager to get onto a hate-bandwagon.

Unfortunately, the energy has impacted me. I’m not terribly excited to read the book anymore, which is a shame, because I wanted to get into the new phase of JK’s writing career. It’s been put on hold until tabloids in the UK can stop their moaning.

Read the blurb below!


News: The Casual Vacancy Cover Revealed

“Parish politics galore”

Author: J K Rowling

Genre: Drama, Age: Adult

Released: 27th September 2012

J K Rowling’s new book, the Casual Vacancy’s cover has been revealed. It uses very clever minimalism, to attract a wide range of audiences. Also, note how big her name is, even compared to the book title.

This is a highly anticipated book, so fingers crossed that it doesn’t disappoint. See the pre-order prices here.


News: The Casual Vacancy Pre-Order Prices

“Are you looking for a bargain?”

I’m looking forward to this book as much as anyone else! I’ve got some news here that might interest people who want to save money.

(Such a shame the book cover hasn’t been released yet!)

Author: J K Rowling

Genre: Drama, Age: Adult

Released: 27th September 2012

WHSmith is currently doing a promotion; if you pre-order The Casual Vacancy for £20, you will get a 20% discount on any books purchased for the next month. I believe that buying TCV for the full price will mean you’ll need to buy a LOT of additional books to ever make back your money.

Waterstones seem to be having a great deal, The Casual Vacancy is £10 for a the Hardback, which is half price obviously! That’s really really good, still expensive, but I feel like it’s a genuine deal.

Amazon also have a great deal, the Hardback book costs just £9.86, and obviously they have their pre-order promise, so you pay the lowest price; which might be cheapest on the day of release. It’s worth pre-ordering just to save the additional pound or two!


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