News: Alanna: The First Adventure (Song of the Lioness Book 1)

“Is this a new revival for Tamora Pierce in the UK?!”


Author: Tamora Pierce

Genre: Action, Adventure, Romance, Age: YA+

Released: 28th August 2014 (UK version)

This is something that I have been checking up on for the past few months. A mysterious new listing has appeared on Amazon
, for a Red Fox Publishers’ re-release, of Tamora Pierce’s bestselling YA series.

Alanna: the First Adventure is one of those books that I can credit for getting me into the fantasy genre, and the rest of Tamora Pierce’s books can be said to have kindled a lifelong love with fantasy.

Pierce’s books are notoriously difficult to find in the UK. They were published in the early 90s, but seem to have gone out of print, and brand new versions usually have to imported from the US.

Red Fox Publisher, a division of The Random House Group has listed Tamora Pierce as one of their authors, but haven’t listed any books under her name as of yet.

The listing on Amazon confirms the release date, but doesn’t confirm the cover. Is this going to be a release of the original Red Fox publication from 1986, shown in the picture above? I hope not. Personally, I will hoping for a revamp similar to the Point Fantasy series’ covers.

At this point, very few details are known. It may be a low-key book release for a lot of people, but this is a great opportunity for British readers to experience an amazing author.

Amazon Blurb below:



Music: Ayumi Hamasaki – LOVEppears – Album Review

“Fly High And Then Immature Boys & Girls End Roll”

Artists: Ayumi Hamasaki

Age: October 2, 1978 (ageĀ 33)

Genre: JPop, JRock, Dance, Electronic, House

Released: 10th November 1999

One of my favourite albums, LOVEppears (pronounced ‘love appears’) is stuffed with dance tracks in Ayu’s distinctive voice.

The album follows a very tight and coherent style, so if you’re a fan of 90’s soft rock, electronic, or dance music, and you like a few of the songs, this album will rank high.

Although Boys & Girls is a favourite among many fans, WHATEVER, And Then, and Fly High are upbeat and vocally more interesting.

Even though it’s been a two decades since this album was released, the dance songs haven’t aged.

See below for album previews:


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