Purchased: Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD – UK PS3 Limited Edition



Studio: Square Enix

Released: March 2014  (UK version)

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD was released over a month ago, and even though I have gushed about it for ages, it wasn’t even until recently that I could open the packaging. The Limited Edition packaging that I have handling ever so carefully, that it even gets a place of honour in my drawer.

The cover of the packaging shows the new models of Yuna and Tidus, in what could be called a “new” image. I’m sure fans love it, and won’t get sick of this solitary image that is constantly being repeated on pretty much every surface. I wouldn’t say I’m a big fan of the new model for Tidus, he looks a bit more feminine than Yuna, which is strange, since his character is a jock, I would have expected him to be “machoed-up” or something.



The cardboard box that you get is just the beginning is the lusciousness.

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Purchased: Tiger & Bunny Limited Edition DVD + Blu-ray Volume 1 (UK Edition)

“That’s not a hero!”


Studio: Sunrise

Genre: Action, Crime, Drama, Comedy, Superheroes, Science Fiction, Age: 12+

Released: February 2013  (UK version)

Tiger & Bunny has to be be one of the best series made in recent years. So much so, that I watched it multiple times in the Japanese subs, and was ecstatic when it was released in the UK. For once, I have no complaint that a “guy’s series” was being released, since I love superheroes. This series has so many lovable characters, and has original superheroes with their own unique costume design. The only thing that is evil is the cost of each of these volumes.

Since I purchased this when it came out in February last year, it was at full price. Since this is an ultra-lux “Limited Edition” (no, it isn’t, explanations at the end), so let’s see what the buyer gets for their money. Especially since there are four of these volumes to collect.


First of all, there is a cardboard sleeve with the outer designs of the volume on it. Inside is another cardboard sleeve which holds the disks.  Each side features a superhero from the series. Everything is nice and glossy, and this is one of the major factors for buying this set.

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Purchased: Princess Jellyfish Collector’s Edition DVD Box Set (UK Edition)

“Super Anti-Nerd Makeover Time!!”


Studio: Brain’s Base

Genre: Josei, Romance, Drama, Age: Adult

Released: 3rd September 2012  (US version)

I mentioned the release of the Princess Jellyfish Collector’s Edition in a previous post, and I remember rushing out pre-order it. It arrived sometime last year, but I haven’t yet put up any pictures of how stunning this collection is.

This edition comes with the Clara toy, which is a massive keyring-type plush. I always seem to have grubby hands whenever I come near this box, and haven’t had the nerves to take the plush toy out. It sort of rolls about in the box. From my initial impressions, I was expecting it to be larger, but the toy is no larger than the palm of my hand. That’s pretty big for a keyring, but not really for a plush toy.


So far there is no BluRay release of this in the UK. The actual DVDs are contained in a cardboard slip inside the larger box. This slip features some truly stunning artwork. I’m not sure if this is from the manga, but it does look in a similar style. Unfortunately, there is no way of securing the cardboard slip when traveling, and my method is to place it inside a folder is it ever needs to be transported. (The larger box feels too awkward to carry around).

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Purchased: UK Final Fantasy X HD Preorder

“I have never been more excited to enter my card details….”



Final Fantasy X HD is now available to pre-order from ShopTo. Not only that, but this is the limited edition that I was crying out for in my previous post.

I’m not sure why ShopTo has such a strange pre-ordering system, but you will have to:

  • make your account
  • add card details
  • go to the game page, and click ‘Buy’
  • confirm your purchase
  • check your details in your Account page, under Preorders

Was Amazon ever this complicated? No. But neither does it have a pre-order for FINAL FANTASY X HD!

I can rest easy now, knowing that I will soon be looking at a revamped epic game. Oh, and of course Final Fantasy X-2, which is not as epic, but I still like it.

Purchased: The Hobbit

“Adventure? No, thank you!”

Author: J R R Tolkien

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Age: Children’s+

Released: 30th August 2012

How amazing are these covers for the film tie-in of The Hobbit by HarperCollins Publishers. Being a really big fan of The Lord of The Rings trilogy films, I couldn’t wait until The Hobbit was released. This time though, I’m deciding to take the plunge into the world of Tolkien, and seriously educate myself on this epic series, in the word.

I have high expectations, that will no doubt be fulfilled, considering every fantasy author names Tolkien as one of their inspirations. My only shame is how long it took me to buy the book!

Just to make life more lush, there’s a children’s version of the film tie-in cover, featuring a lovely illustration. I have the grown-up looking cover, but am kicking myself for not spotting the cuter cover first.

Read the blurb below!


Purchased: The Casual Vacancy

“How to snub people and make enemies”

Author: J K Rowling

Genre: Drama, Age: Adult

Released: 27th September 2012

I can’t believe that’s it’s landed on my doormat, JK Rowling’s new book! Which I only bought because she’s the author of the amazing Harry Potter series.

As excited I was to read it, it’s been slightly deflated by internet reviews.The Daily Mail in the UK called it ‘vulgar and obscene’, Amazon UK reviews are calling it ‘depressing’ and various independent reviewers have labelled it as a ‘snub against the middle-classes’.

It won’t affect my view of the book whilst I read it, because reading is essentially shutting out the real world while you lose yourself in a fictional one. I never remember other people’s opinion and reviews, except my own, when I’m reading.

If JK had been any other writer, it wouldn’t have gotten half the negative attention the book is getting. It also makes me think that everyone is eager to get onto a hate-bandwagon.

Unfortunately, the energy has impacted me. I’m not terribly excited to read the book anymore, which is a shame, because I wanted to get into the new phase of JK’s writing career. It’s been put on hold until tabloids in the UK can stop their moaning.

Read the blurb below!


Received: Magician (The Riftwar Saga Book 1)

“Magicians rule the word, don’t you know…”

Author: Raymond E. Feist

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Age: Adult

Released: 26th June 1993 (UK version)

Starting an epic fantasy series is pretty tough. You will have to get accustomed to another author’s writing, expand your knowledge on another fictional universe, and learn to love characters that you will follow for thousands of pages.

This book has been on my wishlist for a long time, and after a lot of ‘umming’ and ‘awwing’, one way or another, it’s now in my hands.

I was lucky enough to be sent this from the Waterstones team for review purposes. Not only is this the new re-release edition, with the lovely black cover, but it’s also the revised edition that contains more words that were in the initial book.

Whether this is truly worth the good reviews and high recommendations that I come across, only time will tell. I will be, of course, giving my true and honest opinion about Raymon E. Feist’s creation.

Read the blurb below!


Purchased: The High Lord (The Black Magician Trilogy Book 3)

“When everything is done…”

Author: Trudi Canavan

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Age: YA+

Released: 4th March 2010 (UK Version)

It could be seen as particularly clever, to make a mysterious character, and not expand on him until the third and final, book in the series.

I’m hoping that the last book will indeed expand on Akkarin’s story, especially since it’s titled after him. See my reviews of the first and second book for the impressions.

Read the blurb below! May contain spoilers for the first and second books!


Purchased: The Dragon Reborn (The Wheel of Time Book 3)

“The Dark One vs Rand al’ Thor”

Author: Robert Jordan

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Age: Adult

Released: 25th June 1992 (UK version)

This epic fantasy series continues with the third book out of a total of fourteen. See my reviews for a full description, but I thought the world was very detailed, the characters were interesting, and I’m curious as to how the books will continue the story.

Warning! May contain spoilers for the first and second books of the Wheel of Time series!


Purchased: Magic Study (Study Series Book 2 – A Yelena Zaltana Novel)

“Graduated from being a poison taster…”

Author: Maria V Snyder

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Age: YA+

Released: 16th May 2008 (UK Version)

I mentioned in my review for Poison Study that it was easy reading. Even though it has bad writing in some parts, it was the author’s first novel.

Now that I’m in the mood for more YA fiction, I feel like this series, and definitely the author’s second book, should be given a chance.

What kind of turns will this world and story take?

Warning! Contains spoilers for the first book!


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