About Me


GENRES: Fantasy, Romance

VIDEO GAMES: Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy XII

ANIME: Saiunkoku Monogatri, Princess Jellyfish

MANGA: Mars, Cardcaptor Sakura

BOOKS: Mistborn Trilogy, Pride and Prejudice, The Way of Kings, Harry Potter Series

MOVIES: Howl’s Moving Castle, Mulan, Disney’s Cars

I’m a 23 year old female, living in the UK.

I love my entertainment across a wide range of media: I’m into anime, manga, video games, alongside regular TV and Books.

I’ve been reading a while, and my initial love of books and stories spread across other medias. I prefer a good solid story, and relatable characters over flash and flare, although that can be nice too.

My favourite genres are Fantasy and Romance, so you’ll be seeing a lot of reviews on that. I don’t like sad things, so… that’s won’t be here, probably.

I love to rant, and if I really hate the product then you’ll get a rant from me. But generally I’ll try to review all stuff objectively.

Outside of this blog, I’m a software programmer,  and a generally lovely-geeky person. I love wacky, cheesy, and foreign music. I used to be a big Ayumi Hamasaki and Jpop fan, but now listen to Kpop more.

I’m learning Japanese to I can visit Japan someday and get some original swag.


I’ve only been writing since the beginning of the 2012. I’m slowly getting on my feet, so hang around. Hopefully you’ll have a good time reading these reviews and who knows… they may even give some valuable insight.


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