Purchased: Tiger & Bunny Limited Edition DVD + Blu-ray Volume 1 (UK Edition)

“That’s not a hero!”


Studio: Sunrise

Genre: Action, Crime, Drama, Comedy, Superheroes, Science Fiction, Age: 12+

Released: February 2013  (UK version)

Tiger & Bunny has to be be one of the best series made in recent years. So much so, that I watched it multiple times in the Japanese subs, and was ecstatic when it was released in the UK. For once, I have no complaint that a “guy’s series” was being released, since I love superheroes. This series has so many lovable characters, and has original superheroes with their own unique costume design. The only thing that is evil is the cost of each of these volumes.

Since I purchased this when it came out in February last year, it was at full price. Since this is an ultra-lux “Limited Edition” (no, it isn’t, explanations at the end), so let’s see what the buyer gets for their money. Especially since there are four of these volumes to collect.


First of all, there is a cardboard sleeve with the outer designs of the volume on it. Inside is another cardboard sleeve which holds the disks.  Each side features a superhero from the series. Everything is nice and glossy, and this is one of the major factors for buying this set.

More information and pictures below:




Looking inside the outer cardboard sleeve, you can spot the HeroTV logo. This is superb attention to details, and is in fact featured on all four of the volumes. Maybe you won’t care that the logo is inside, it certainly won’t get much viewing, but the thought is nice.


Opening up the Tiger corner, you see the Blu-ray disk first, and then Blue Rose. All seven episode in this volume are on the single disk.


Opening up the entire sleeve, you can see the DVDs, which have the bonus material and the episodes split between them. Despite what is said on the Blu-ray disc, the bonus material is not present there. I spent a long time thinking I was missing it somehow, but that is just a typo. You can see all the bonus content on the DVDs.


Each of the DVDs features a superhero, and their regular alter ego. The first volume features Barnaby Brooks Jr, and his guise with the same name. The second disk features Kotetsu Kaburagi and his superhero form Wild Tiger.



Compared with the flare of the DVDs, the single Blu-ray disk is very plain looking.


Closing up the sleeve, you can see Barnaby featured.


For the special Limited Editions, you receive three little magazines and some cards. This is where a drop in quality becomes noticeable. These little magazines are basically palm sized booklets. I think the idea of them is very good, but the execution in this case is poor.


They contain summaries of the episodes, which are often very literal and contain screenshots from the episode itself. There is some art of the featured characters, and some additional quizzes and interviews with the directors and producers of the show.

The main reason that I dislike them is that they are very small, and the writing is tiny. The capacity for spoilers was also huge. I had previously watched Tiger & Bunny multiple times before I bought this set, so I knew what to expect. For a first-time viewer, picking up a magazine automatically spoils some of the future episodes. This issue becomes pretty obvious later on when you get to cliffhanger episodes, and yet the magazine summarises what happens afterwards.


I loved seeing the character art from the series, if only it had been bigger. These sketches and character profiles take up half the space of an already tiny booklet.


The worst part about the booklets has to be spelling mistakes. I’m not sure if they came out of haste, or this just wasn’t proofread properly, but it became jarring to come across a mistake.

For the insane amount of money you pay to get these magazines as extras, I felt that it could have had more.


Finally, you get character cards, which vary for each volume. Eventually, the buyer builds up a collection of the superheroes from the series. In volume 1, you get Wild Tiger, Blue Rose, and Barnaby cards, who are arguably the most popular heroes.

This is an ingenious idea. I love that the card are versions of the ones in the anime, and they even have the superhero “companies” in the top right-hand corner. The only thing missing is the “real-life” sponsors like Pepsi, and Softbank. That’s an interesting choice to have the logos removed for only certain types of art, especially since they feature heavily in the series, and on the cover of this volume.


The back of the cards is plain with the HeroTV logo. The cards didn’t impress me too much. My cynical brain is just telling me that they are pieces of laminated paper. Yes, you will get joy out of looking for them, but unless you have some sort of reason to show them proudly like collector’s items, they remain inside the volume case. (Maybe framing them…?)


This DVD + and Blu-ray “Limited Edition” was released in February last year. Since then, the entire series has been released, and I can safely tell you that this is most definitely NOT a Limited Edition. I initially paid £26 when it came out, but people can easily get this for around £16. I’m not sure why I always seem to be conned out of paying extra money for this “Limited Edition” tactic, but yay, good for everybody else I guess.

Is is worth it to collect this series? I would say yes, though prepare to very poor by the end of it. Each volume tends to vary in price, but all seem around the £25 mark, so it will set you back £90 at least. I’m sure there are ways of getting this cheaper, second-hand, etc.

I feel personal satisfaction from owning this volume. It’s a series that I felt was worth supporting (nevermind that I am bitter about the price drop), and I think this volume will be loved for a while.

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