Anime: Noragami – Episode 2 Summary + Review

“How to live with a tail…”


(“Oh no! How am I going to get home without my body!”)

Studio: Bones

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Comedy Age: 13+

Released: January 2014 – onwards

From the previous episode, Hiyori is carrying on with her normal school life, but her body and spirit are still seperating at unpredictable moments. Her spirit senses have been getting stronger, and she can see the small phantoms that surround everyone’s daily lives.

Warning! May contain spoilers!





(“If I’m not a god, then how am I balancing on this fence. Explain that!”)

Hiyori demands that Yato fixes her spirit problem, because he promised her. Yato doesn’t appear to be the most organised of gods although he insists that Hiyori shouldn’t judge him by his appearance. About her spirit problem, Yato claims that he is unable to solve Hiyori’s problem without a Divine Weapon.


(Snatching phantoms in bags isn’t the best way to make friends)

Taking initiative, Hiroyi decides to scout for a phantom that can serve as Yato’s Divine Weapon. The phantoms that are in the city range from very small to very large, and none seem interested in the position.


(New series of Yato: God of Cleaning)

Meanwhile, Yato is busy earning his next five yen by cleaning someone’s bathroom.


(Yato refuses to tell his best shower-cleaning tips)

After successfully recruiting a phantom for Yato, Hiyori calls to tell him the good news.


(“Is every phantom your enemy, or what?!” )

Although you shouldn’t judge by looks, Yato tells Hiyori off for getting a large and evil phantom in their presence. The pair swiftly run away from the creature.


(Hiyori flies them away from danger)

Hiyori attempts to take this phantom down with a kick, like she handled the previous one. Yato quiclly pulls her out of harm’s way, and explains that her ‘tail’ is actually a part of her spirit pouring out, and if it is damaged Hiyori will not be able to get back into her body.


(Audience: “Dawwww! Squeee!”)

A rooftop chase ensumes, and Yato spots a tiny spirit in a corner. This is the perfect type of pure spirit that makes a divine weapon.


(This new power actually makes sense. Take note, Sword Art Online!)

Yato quickly gets the tiny spirit under his control, and he finally has a Divine Weapon. With his sword, Yato makes quick work of the phantom.


(“If you don’t want to see my burned hand, then don’t look”)

Later, Yato and Hiyori go to a shrine, where Yato heals his injuries by using shrine water.


(“What do you mean, I just got lots of fangirls? I thought I was dead…”)

The Divine Wewapon is transformed back to it’s human shape, and his name is Yukine.


(Yato considers buying a washing machine for his stinky clothes)

Yukine turns out to be a typical teenager, and snubs Yato to prove it.

Overall, this is another great episode which furthers the plot. I always feel that Noragami is so easy to watch. It’s filled with action, and often gives the impression that not much has happened in an episode, but when it comes to writing these summaries there is always plenty to say.

It’s nuances of the characters that make the story go in leaps and bounds. Yato does know his trade, even if he isn’t the most responsible person. I also think he has a kindness to him, especially when he offers his sweatshirt to Yukine. (Although he gets snubbed!)

Also, Yato proves that he’s willing to work hard for those five yen pieces. It makes him so endearing, even though Hiyori is still eying him with suspicion as a “god”. Yukine already has my attention, even though he must have been on the screen for about two minutes.

Rated – 4/5 Reveals a new character, more action-based plot.

See the previous episode!

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