Anime: Noragami – Episode 1 Summary + Review

“Who you gonna call? Yatogami!”


(Bullies target the only blonde girl in school)

Studio: Bones

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Comedy Age: 13+

Released: January 2014 – onwards

Bad feelings cause phantoms to appear in the world, and there isn’t a worse time than during exams. Yato, an unknown and poor god, helps out a girl being bullied by her classmates. Tackling the phantom seems to be one step too far for his Divine Weapon (who is also a woman). She decides to quit, leaving Yato not only dirt poor (he doesn’t get much business) but also defenseless against the phantoms.

Warning! May contain spoilers!





(I have a jar of dirt~#)

Yato has written his phone number on a park wall, but doesn’t get a high profile call at all. Instead, he’s sent off to look for a cat called “Milord”.


(You never know, when a passerby will start the beginning of a beautiful anime)

Hiyori Iki is an ordinary student who also gets captivated by the missing posters of “Milord”. She spots Yato in the middle of the road, about to be hit by a bus.


(So heroic that I’m totally shipping Hiyori-Yato…)

Valiantly, Hiyori saves what she thinks is Yato’s life, but since he is a god, he is unharmed. Instead, Hiyori ends up almost killing herself, much to the confusion of her friends who didn’t see the boy that she saved.


(Hello.. Peek-a-boo!)

Yato visits Hiroyi in hospital, and introduces himself as a god. Hiyori doesn’t really believe him, as Yato is currently not well known.


(“I’m not creepy, I’m a god. You may have heard of me…Or not.” )

Yato’s dream is to eventually be known as the number one god in Japan. He mentions the voices that Hiyori started hearing after being hit by the bus. Yato leaves abruptly afterwards through the window.


(“Screw this stuff, I’ve got to find that cat… for some reason..”)

Hiyori returns to school but is still feeling unwell from her injuries. Her instincts are calling out to her, and she goes on a mission to find “Milord” through the city.


(“Big Brother is getting out of hand”)

At the same time, Yato is also looking for the cat, and using catnip finds him in a dark alley. A phantom that had been teased by “Milord” appears, and chases after both Yato and “Milord”.


(“He escaped from the Naruto universe!”)

Hiyori runs into Yato and the cat, and the trio try to escape from the giant frog phantom, who is determined to destroy them. Hiroyi eventually ends the battle by giving the phantom a strong kick.


(“WHAT? What did you say? I can’t hear you, come closer!”)

After the cat is returned to its rightful owners, Yato explains to Hiyori that her soul has been displaced from her body, and will leak out in the form of a tail. She is stuck between the Near Shores where the human live, and the Far Shores where the spirits live. That explains the voices that she is now hearing. For the cost of five yen, Yato will help Hiyori get her body and soul to its original state.

Overall, this was a great surprise in a anime. Yes, the first episode is about returning a cat (why do writers have this lazy plotline?), and it involves a dashing young god, with superpowers that just happens to run into an adorable girl. I can feel the shipping already.

I should have hated this from beginning to end, but the characters and the setting really got to me. The plot is action packed, and I love that Hiyori is not a damsel in distress and is an active part of the series.

Basing this off other animes that I have reviewed and not gotten on with, like K, and Kamisama Hajimemashita, it shouldn’t have gripped me, but it totally did. The ending scene of the first episode coaxes you into watching the second, and it’s easy to do that since the first episode left such a good impression.

Rated – 4/5 Action packed first episode, slightly let down by lazy plot devices.

See the next episode!

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