Purchased: Princess Jellyfish Collector’s Edition DVD Box Set (UK Edition)

“Super Anti-Nerd Makeover Time!!”


Studio: Brain’s Base

Genre: Josei, Romance, Drama, Age: Adult

Released: 3rd September 2012  (US version)

I mentioned the release of the Princess Jellyfish Collector’s Edition in a previous post, and I remember rushing out pre-order it. It arrived sometime last year, but I haven’t yet put up any pictures of how stunning this collection is.

This edition comes with the Clara toy, which is a massive keyring-type plush. I always seem to have grubby hands whenever I come near this box, and haven’t had the nerves to take the plush toy out. It sort of rolls about in the box. From my initial impressions, I was expecting it to be larger, but the toy is no larger than the palm of my hand. That’s pretty big for a keyring, but not really for a plush toy.


So far there is no BluRay release of this in the UK. The actual DVDs are contained in a cardboard slip inside the larger box. This slip features some truly stunning artwork. I’m not sure if this is from the manga, but it does look in a similar style. Unfortunately, there is no way of securing the cardboard slip when traveling, and my method is to place it inside a folder is it ever needs to be transported. (The larger box feels too awkward to carry around).

More information and pictures below:





Inside the cardboard slip there are some lovely character artwork. I was so very excited to think they were stickers, but no… they are not.


The artwork is truly lovely and glossy.

If I had one complaint though, it would be that more characters should feature here. This is mostly the main cast, and doubles of Tsukimi and Kuranosuke. What about Shuu? Or Shouko?


The cardboard slips opens out into the three discs. I can’t say that I spend much time looking at disc cover art, but these are wonderful to look at. The packaging itself is lovely and feminine, and everything that the Amars aren’t. It’s almost an inside joke at how lush and girly things are.




The disc art doesn’t really refer to the storyline. I would say that Tsukimi and Kuranosuke wear featured outfits, but nothing that gives the plot away. So it’s probably safe to stick these under a friend’s nose, in an attempt to get them to watch Princess Jellyfish with you: “Look here! Isn’t this pretty? Watch this with me!”.

SAM_4406bThis is the back of the cardboard sleeve. Again, it’s a really pretty artwork, and it’s great that secondary characters feature here. Princess Jellyfish has a rather small cast, and I think the interactions between the main and secondary characters really make it brilliant. It would be a shame if the art didn’t have the “Mercedes Guy” or “Pervy Uncle” with the rest of the gang.


And finally here is the back of the main box, which reuses some of the inner artwork. The series is referred to as “the girls’ version of The Big Bang Theory”. In a way, it’s an apt description, since the entire series is about otaku, but I feel that main plot doesn’t feel as episodic as The Big Bang Theory.

Is it worth getting this box set? I definitely thought so, and I still do think that. This is the heartbreaking part, I parted with £36 so I could get this “limited release”, but now it seems that people can grab this same box set for around £25. It turns out that it wasn’t limited…? Not so good for me, but it’s welcome news to anyone trying to get the whole series cheaply.

Even with the extra £11 that I ended up paying out to get this on the day of release, I feel that shoujo series are terribly hard to find in the UK. So, when a gem like this comes along, and has a pretty box, and a lovely storyline that I can share with my girlfriends, then it is totally worth it.

If you’re hesitating about buying this series, and you love female orientated comedies, then definitely grab it. The pretty box is only the beginning.

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