Book: The Dragon Reborn (The Wheel of Time Book 3) Review

“Where’s Rand?”


Author: Robert Jordan

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Age: Adult

Released: 10th December 1992 (UK version)

The third book in the series is a bit strange, in my opinion. It draws away from Rand, who I firmly believe is the main character, despite the infinitely large cast.The book instead follows the various subgroups that are in a quest to follow Rand, and his path of destruction, whether they know it or not.

Warning! Contains spoilers!



The knowledge that Rand is really the Dragon Reborn has finally hit, and Rand is not handling it well. In the few opening chapters he struggles to come to terms with his destiny; is he really a saviour? Can he save the world instead of destroying it? Is destruction the only thing to look forward too?

With these questions buzzing through his mind, he runs from Moiraine and the Shieneran group, prompting a chase from his friends. Unknown to them, Egwene, Nynaeve, Elayn and eventually Matt find their way to the city of Tear.

I truly struggled to get through this book. Like I previously mentioned, I firmly believed Rand to be the main character, and having him missing for the majority of the book, threw me off what I expected. Adding to that, it seems that there isn’t much action until Tear, in the later chapters of the book, which is a long way away and nothing really happens between the pages.

The relationships that had been established at the end of The Great Hunt were shaken up again. Didn’t Min consider Rand to be her true love, or something? Did I miss something in the way that Rand was quickly forgotten? It really seemed that Egwene thought more of her relationship with Rand than Min.

Matt, who has been poorly in the last few books, finally came into his potential. The scene when he fights Galad and Gawyn, and wins!, has to be the best description of a fight in this entire volume. I was left so breathless that I had to read it again.

Somewhere amongst the messy plot of the ending chapters, the Aiel appear. They are an important plotpoint, being Rand’s kin and all, and yet I felt them to be lackluster and not as recognisable as the Shienaran, or Aes Sedai. The characters sort of blurred, and often I found myself wondering who has the golden hair, and what character this is.

Overall, this book continues the epic story, but it slipped up in losing Rand as the main focal point. Everything felt very muddled and lost, and the main bad guy at the end, wasn’t really the bad guy?

It has left me feeling a bit confused, but best thing (or possibly the worst) to do, is to continue the series. I already have the next book in sight.

Rated – 3.5/5 Focuses mostly on sub-characters. A bit confusing with the defeat of the villain.

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