Anime: Sword Art Online – Episode 25 Series Finale Summary + Review

“End of the virtual road?”


(Kirito plays a dangerous game of tag with Sugou)

Studio: A-1 Pictures

Genre: Game, MMO, Fantasy, Sc-Fi, Age: 13+

Released: 6th July 2012 – onwards

From the previous episode, Asuna has woken up from the hospital and Kirito is on his way to see her. Danger is lurking the hospital carpark in the shape of Sugou, who was killed by Kirito in Alfheim Online.

Kirito is stabbed, and has to fend off a knife that could end his life before he has a chance to see Asuna in the real world.

Sugou has finally lost his mind, and although Kirito eventually beats him, Kirito chooses to spare Suguo’s life.

Warning! May contain spoilers!




Asuna is sat waiting in the hospital room, where she had remained for the entirety of the Sword Art and Alfheim Online fiasco.


(How has Asuna been going to the bathroom all this time?)

Kirito and Asuna finally have a passionate reunion in the real world, continuing their relationship from how it was developed in the virtual world. Although, now they will be being themselves, instead of their virtual persona.


(You don’t need fairy wings to look “cool”.)

Many of the players that were trapped within Sword Art have now been enrolled in a special school, which will catch them up on their studies and re-introduce them into the real world. Kirito and Asuna attend this school, and are officially a couple.


(“Why are you shooting me down. I just spent weeks saving you!”)

A reunion takes place in Agil’s bar, and a lot of familiar faces are seen chatting about their experiences before and now.


(“So you like Kirito too? Oh and you too..? Is this the Kirito fanclub…?”)

Kirito is shown the potential of the World Seed that was given to him by Akihiko. It has the potential to create a virtual world by anyone, which reintroduces the concpet of Virtual Reality gaming to the general public. Many worlds spring up from this basic program.


(The guys wanna know how Kirito got those girls’ numbers.)

Suguha is escaping into virtual reality again, and meets Kirito and they reconcile.


(“Hey, if Asuna isn’t available… you know where to go.”)

The world of Sword Art is revived using the World Seed program, and Kirito intends to clear all the levels this time.



Overall, this episode isn’t necessary in the overall arcs of Sword Art Online, its main purpose is to wrap things up nicely. As such, it’s a lovely gradient into a mellow atmosphere, which will help fans find closure. Many familiar faces make an appearance. It’s such a shame that the secondary characters don’t get much screen-time, this is mostly Asuna and Kirito’s episode.

As for the recreation of virtual worlds… I suppose it counts as progress that just about anyone can create a virtual world. However, the lack of openness about the back-engines of Sword Art and Alfheim are what made it dangerous. Why would anyone want to subject themselves to potential horrors again? Or maybe I’m just a chicken.

This was a very safe conclusion in what has been a series with many plot-holes and ups-and-downs. When Sword Art is good, it is really good, when it’s bad, it really suffers. Despite all of the strangeness, episodic formula, wish-fulfillment aspects and lack of respects for female; it’s a series that people of all ages can get into. And there wasn’t much drastic content in there, with the exception of episode 24, so it’s fairly easy to recommend it fans and non-fans of anime.

It’s the sort of series that boils down to an enjoyable ride. Not worth rewatching in my opinion, but definitely worth experiencing once.

Rated – 3.5/5 Entertaining plot and characters, but with a lot of plot-holes.


See the previous episode!

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  1. Hi there! Just wanted to say that I really love your reviews (I’ve only read the anime ones sorry!) and I think that you’re hilarious with your captions under pictures! Keep up the good work :)

  2. Hallo

     /  May 13, 2014

    If you don’t mind reading (guessing not based on your site :p), I’d recommend checking out the novels. The first one is rushed, since I guess he felt he was only writing one or something, and the second one feels like an attempt to correct that, but overall the characters are better written and the plot better developed and explained.

    • Thanks for the recommendation. The Sword Art Online Light Novels recently popped up on UK sites, so I will check them out. :)

      • Hallo

         /  May 14, 2014

        No problem. :) Might we look forward to a review of them? :p

      • It’s possible to review them, they’re not long at all at around 256 pages.

        However, the release schedule appears to be quite long. Only the first three novels get released in 2014, and without the overall story to even things out, they will get a bashing from me. :P

        But never say never, I’ll probably end up picking them up earlier.

      • Yeah that annoys me. And Baka-Tsuki was like halfway done with the latest arc, now I have to potentially wait years to finish it. ;~;
        That aside, I wasn’t kidding when I said it’s rushed-SAO’s main story is over in Vol.1, with Vol.2 being a collection of side stories. I think it’s so short because he originally wanted to release it as a short story in Dengki Bunko, but it was too long, so he just put it up as a web-novel before his Accel World publisher wanted to publish SAO too…So yeah, pretty rushed early on. Still, compared to other LN’s I’ve read, it was the most traditional novel-y and well written. Even if some stupid plot points still remain.
        But all that aside, have fun. :p

  3. For some reason I derped on the name. Whoops, lol. Still Hallo here. >.>

  4. lolwut

     /  July 24, 2014

    So, you disliked half of the episodes, huh.

    ;n; i loved all of dem…


    • It’s not that I disliked the episodes, but they were very polar in terms of quality. I absolutely loved the action scenes, but when things slow down, the episodes just dragged. It affected my overall opinion of the series a lot.

  5. dee

     /  December 30, 2014

    whoaa it’s a nice review. kinda enjoyed reading each episod. thanks for the writing.


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