Anime: Sword Art Online – Episode 24 Summary + Review

“Let me make things gruesome”


(“Yo! Secret Epic Fairy Bro-fist, sucka!”)

Studio: A-1 Pictures

Genre: Game, MMO, Fantasy, Sc-Fi, Age: 13+

Released: 6th July 2012 – onwards

From the previous episode, Yui has opened the gate to the top of the World Tree, and Kirito is just baby steps away from rescuing Asuna.

Warning! May contain spoilers!




The trio are reunited in Asuna’s cage, and things couldn’t look rosier. Kirito promises that Asuna and Yui will be able to go home. They just need to make their escape by logging Asuna out from a control panel.


(Teary eyes of every fan who has waiting *so long* for this moment)

Suguo, playing as Oberon the fairy king, interrupts by casting ab gravity wave. Yui’s program is disabled, and Asuna and Kirito are left vunerable to Suguo’s schemes.


(“Be my sex slave, or I’ll kill your boyfriend!!”)

After pinning Kirito to the ground, Suguo starst to play sinister games with Asuna’s body.


(This isn’t just any rape. This is Alheim Online Rape.)

Asuna’s remains dignified through the slow and excruciatingly painful rape, but Kirito is bearing witness to her internal pain.


(“Don’t worry Asuna. It’s just a scratch!”)

Taking inspiration from Heathcliff’s words, he extracts the sword from his body, and confront Suguo. The bad fairy king can’t belive that Kirito would have an account that ranks higher than him, but Kirito reveals that he is accessing Heathcliff’s account, which belonged to Kayaba Akihiko, who was the original creater of Sword Art Online.


(Kirito cannot be killed. He’s the main character!)

Suguo has been running Alfheim off the old Sword Art servers, and has kept all the old account data, which Kirito is able to access. Kirito successfully utilises this, and destroys Suguo’s character, by chopping him into various pieces.


(“We’re hanging this on the mantlepiece”)

Asuna is freed from her ordeal, and Kirito valiantly logs her out of the game. She wakes up in the real world.


(“Ohh Kirito you saved me… ” *much sobbing blah blah feminism weeps*)

Kirito has an encounter with a shadow of Kayaba Akihiko, who congratulated Kirito in his victory over Suguo. He also gives Kirito a World Seed, which was the entire start for massive worlds like his Sword Art Online. Entrusting Kirito with this knowledge would decide the fate of Virtual Reality MMORPGs in the future.


(Why would you not kill this guy? Why? Or at least hit him!)

Yui makes her appearance in the ending world of Alfheim, to tell Kirito that she has taken refuge in the NerveGear, so that Kirito can have her data forever.


(“Papa, I’m not a real girl…”)

The world of Alfheim finally ends, and Kirito returns to the real world to find Suguha waiting anxiously for him. He runs to the hospital to see Asuna, who he knows has woken up by this time.


(“Have you been staring at me while I sleep….?! Urgh….!”)

Overall, the main purpose of this second arc has been accomplished; Asuna is freed. The charming-but-cheesy but moment shown with the trio as a family, is fan-fodder for people that have following this series since the very beginning. It’s almost a wish-fulfillment moment, for anyone (or any guy?), picturing themselves in Kirito’s shoes. They get a wife and daughter after defeating a terrible boss, and are running into each others arms.

The moment is rudely interrupted by Suguo, who is determined to show his most creepy and sadistic side to the audience. Suguo was actually a pretty two-dimensional character, the only way he could get any more cookie-cutter was if he’s has a curly moustache that he twiddles at various points, and roared with self-approving laughter.

Oh wait… he does laugh like that…

The rape/assault scene, in my opinion, took things too far. I mean, it’s not comfortable viewing for anyone, but the entire pace of that scene was dragged out minute-by-minute. The warm glow of the reunion had already been forgotten, and the episode was determined to park the camera on a nude Asuna, while Kirito looks on. I think it was too lingering for my liking…

Luckily, some more Sword Art magic-make–believe happens and Kirito saves the day. I’m not going to complain about the ludicrousness of the conclusion, I’m just happy that Suguo was destroyed (and the rape scene finally ended).

Interestingly enough, Suguo had bragged about harming Kirito by decreasing the ‘pain-absorbing’ level. Anything under Level 3 would harm the body physically; but the conclusion has Kirito harm Suguo at Level 0, and apparently this was considered totally ethical?

Should I even be complaining, because this is justice served for rape?

If nothing else, Sword Art Online has opened many discussions…

Rated – 4/5 Sinister and grimy, but an interesting conclusion.

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