Anime: Sword Art Online – Episode 19 Summary + Review

“Cast that spell!”


(“Abra cadabra… Bibbity… Bobbity… Boo!”)

Studio: A-1 Pictures

Genre: Game, MMO, Fantasy, Sc-Fi, Age: 13+

Released: 6th July 2012 – onwards

From the previous episode, Leafa and Kirito are being followed by players. Although, Leafa uses some magic to hide both her and Kirito, the damage is done.

Warning! May contain spoilers!




A group of Salamander player catch up, and attack them, with the aim to kill.


(Nothing says ‘Battle’, like vision-deteriorating helmets)

The fighting players might have been okay for Leaf and Kirito to take down, but they are being supported by Salamander mages at the back.


(Choosing to be overweight, even in a virtual world, where you can choose your body…)

Kirito takes on the Salamander players, while Leafs concentrates on healing him. Yui comes up with a plan to have Kirito protected completed by Leafa’s magic, while he takes out the rest of the mages.


(Yui reveals her true thoughts: “Kill them! Kill them all! Aha-ha-ha-ha!”)

Kirito uses the illusion magic that is associated with his Spriggan race, and transforms into a fierce beast that takes down players.


(Killing in creative ways)

This beast form terrifies the Salamander players, and they break formation, allowing Kirito to finish them off.


(“Here’s… daddy!”)

One remaining player is left standing, and Kirito bribes him with to get some information out. It turns out that the Salamander have been receiving orders to attack Kirito and Leafa by the same source.


(Leafa is disappointed Kirito can ignore her bust)

Leafa checks her messages, and finds a message from Recon telling her to contact him.


(“He’s not my boyfriend. He’s not even my friend. I just use him as a minion”)

Back in real-life, she calls Shinichi, and finds out that her Guild Leader, Sigurd, has been working with the Salamanders. Recon managed to overhear this, but his body is lying in the sewers after he got caught.


(“How dare you sleep on the job, Shinichi!”)

In the game, Leafa explains the situation to Kirito. With a chance for alliance between two races, it would be easier to reach the top of the World Tree. Leafa insists that his journey would be better if Kirito killed her character, and joined the Salamanders.


(“I want to start this game again as a brunette”)

Kirito doesn’t take that suggestions seriously, and tells Leafa that he considers her a good friend, and will not kill her. The two continue their way.


(“It’s awkward killing someone when they *can see it coming*…”)

Overall, the action in this episode was much appreciated. Kirito finally flexes some warrior muscles. Sadly Leafa is placed firmly in the background, but hey, she protected him at a critical moment. That counts for something.

I don’t particularly like this elf world, but finding out some quirks of each race was interesting. Kirito’s beast illusion form… thing was interesting. But, I was under the assumption that Kirito’s illusion magic was fairly basic stuff that wouldn’t protect him in battle. You know, like Leafa mentioned. Apparently, that is not the case for this protagonist.

Rated – 3/5 Finally some action.

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