Anime: K – Episode 6 Summary + Review

“Capture my death”


(Neko eats for three people…)

Studio: GoHands

Genre: Urban, Action,  Age: 13+

Released: 28 September 2012 – onwards

From the previous episode, Shiro is starting to worry that his memories may have been false. After finding the bloodied clothes in his closet, it is possible for him to be the murderer. Although Kuro is supporting him, Shiro’s worries are increased when the owner of a local restaurant hasn’t put his picture a picture of Shiro as a regular customer. It seems like a bad omen.

Warning! May contain spoilers!




Seri Awashima stops by the HOMRA bar to get a drink and meet Izumo. She gives the update on the Red King, noting that Izumo doesn’t seem to be too concerned.


(“I’m wondering why I get less screen-time that the transforming cat”)

Mikoto, the Red King has been having dreams of destruction, and of Totsuka’s murder by the mysterious white-haired man. He starts to reminisce about the days when he first met Totsuka, as an admirer of Mikoto. When Totsuka is injured badly by another gang, Mikoto vows to avenge him.


(“I really wanted to get your autograph, but your super-fans are crazy!”)

Shiro is left stricken after his close friend Kukuri doesn’t recognise him on the phone. She claims to not know anyone called Shiro. Neko is panicked by these events, and runs away before either Kuroh or Shiro can ask why she is worried.


(It can’t be wrong number five times in a row.)

Mikoto’s reminisces continue, thinking back to Totsuka telling him, that the Red King’s powers should be used for defense, and that he believes Mikoto is a good person.


(Totsuka’s limp punch, is the perfect reason why he doesn’t pick fights)

Many years after these memories, it is clear that Totsuka is an accepted member of the Red clan, even though he is unable to fight. The rag-tag team that has collected in the bar over the years makes Mikoto happy.

Totsuka brings news that he has a new camera, and he plans on using it at every opportunity.


(Everyone jams to Toksuka’s original song)

Shiro and Kuroh make it to Shiro’s house location, only to find that it is not a residential area.

Although Shiro is ready to be struck down, Kuroh insists that he will not kill Shiro until he has absolute proof of his guilt.


(“Maybe they built over my house when I wasn’t looking…?”)

Totsuka’s death is captured on the camera, which was later found by Izumo and Yata. While Totsuka is dying, he mentions that his death is caused by the Colourless King, which starts off the hunt for the white-haired killer.


(“I’m… I’m too pretty to die…”)

Overall, this episode zig-zags from the past to present, shedding more light on why HOMRA is so insistant on finding the killer. Totsuka is a fresh and likable character, who is ultimately designed to die and leave the viewer in a crisis. And a great job he does of that, too.

Finding out if Shiro is truly the killer, or if he has been been framed, or if there are stranger events going on, has become really important. The only friends he has in the world are Kuroh and Neko, with former acting as a backbone.

Losing your memories and finding out that “my life has been a lie!” isn’t a new concept. It’s been trudged out in many stories before, so hopefully there are more twists involved to make it fresh.

Rated – 3.5/5 Interesting look into the past.

See the previous episode!

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