Anime: Digimon Frontier – Episode 19 Summary

“All for one meal”


(“I’m hungry for a burger, or your babies”)

Studio: Toei Animation

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Age: All ages

Released: April 1, 2001 – March 31, 2002

From the last episode, After making a good burger, Papaburgermon is attacked by Petaldramon and his Chamelmon minions. Papaburgermon is held captive, and the little Burgermon kids are in danger. The Legendary Warriors arrive after their win in the Trailmon race, and decide to help get Papa back!

The only way to help rescue Papaburgermon is to create a better burger for Petaldramon. All five children put their cooking skills to the test.


(“Does anyone know what burgers are made of?”)

Tommy is the only one to create a decent burger, and the kids decide to offer them to Petaldramon instead.


(Tommy will be the finest burger chef in the land)

Takuya and Kouji are lost in their competitiveness when Peraldramon’s henchmen, Chamelmon appear, and start to attack Zoey, J.P and Tommy.


(Zoey-burgers have suddenly taken off)

The trio are held captive at the Petaldramon mansion, and meet Papaburgermon, who they were supposed to rescue.


(“I don’t want to be eaten!”)

The Burgermon kids are in danger, and the trio digivolve. Using the help of the of the burger-kids, they find the Chamelmon who are able to make themselves invisible.


(“You can hear the Chamelmon wheezing. They’re so fat!”)

Just as the last Chamelmon has been turned into fractal code by Tommy, Petaldramon appears and is hungry for burgers.


(Petaldramon promises to start that diet tomorrow)

Papaburgermon uses Tommy’s recipe to slow down Petaldramon, and make him tired after eating.


(“Just one more burger, and then I quit…”)

J.P Beast digivolves into MetalKabuterimon, to collapse Petaldramon’s mansion on top of him. The bad guys have been stopped, for now.


(“This new electric therapy will help you lose weight!”)

See the previous episode!

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