Anime: Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun (My Little Monster) – Episode 6 Summary + Review

“Telling it like it is”


(“Maybe, I should wear a shorter skirt…?”)

Studio: Brain’s base

Genre: Romantic, Comedy, Shojou, Drama  Age: 13+

Released: 28 September 2012 – onwards

From the previous episode, a lonely life in high school is the result for Chizuru for transferring late into her class. With no friends, she is quietly passing her days away, but recently, she is reminded of the kindness that Haru has shown her.

Warning! May contain spoilers!




In Haru and Shizuku’s class, Haru has taken the advice of Chizuru (who is supposedly class president because she wears glasses), and decided to done some spectacles. He doesn’t get picked for any position on the class student council, leaving him feeling pretty down.


(Look smart, feel smart? Is that the logic?)

During break time, Sasayan and Natsume discuss the girl they spotted yesterday, who was talking to Haru. Sasayan immediately tells about how Chizuru is smart and quiet, and secretly considered cute by the boys. While Natsume thinks that Shizuku should be jealous and defend her man, Shizuku is not interested in Haru’s courtships and exits the conversation.


(“Don’t worry Mitty. You’re smarter than her even without glasses!”)

Haru is roaming around school when he spots Chizuru eating alone by herself on the steps. Much to his disdain, he finds out that being class president hasn’t made her popular and she does not have any friends. His relaxed attitude makes Chizuru like him more, although she wonders his relationship with Shizuku, when he says that he likes her.


(Haru has a thing for lonely girls)

Natsume and Sasayan hear about Chizuru’s loneliness, and set up a club to find some friends for her. Natsume seems to find poetic sadness in this scheme. The club causes Shizuku, who had been dragged along, to fight with Haru over wastage of time.


(“We could even make an online forum”)

Chizuru feels like she is causing a rift between Shizuku and Haru, especially since they seem to be close. However, she can’t contain her own feelings for Haru.


(“So she’s your maybe-sorta-kinda-potential-girlfriend? Aww, that sucks…””)

Although she is trying to ignore Haru, Shizuku can’t help slipping some remarks about feelings. Chizuru is embarrassed and awed by her rival’s boldness. Haru’s thick-headedness at replying to Shizuku’s remarks make Chizuru angry, and she runs off. When Haru chooses to chase after her, Chizuru can finally admit that she truly likes Haru.


(“Haru, you make me feel like a woman…”)

At school Haru finds that Shizuku is getting colder towards him. Her need for studying is getting stronger, but his own feelings for her are growing.


(“Are you stalking me?”)

Sasayan and Natsume check in Mitsuyoshi, and Yuzan, but are told that Haru and Shizuku are dancing around their confessions. Natsume gets upset that Chizuru doesn’t tell her about her feelings, and is comforted by Mitsuyoshi.


(Sasayan thinks back to his own womanising days…)

The two decide to meet on the weekend to go the library, for Shizuku’s purpose of studying, but Haru thinks it is a date. Things come crashing down when Shizuku realises that Haru is obsessed with her, but she pointedly refuses to have a relationship. Shizuku tells him that her feelings for Haru were only brief, and that she has had too many changes to know how she truly feels. She takes back her earlier confession, leaving Haru very depressed.


(“Are you saying… This isn’t a date…?”)

Overall, adding shy Chizuru to the mix hasn’t made Shizuku anymore of a softer lead character. In fact, now that she feels that Haru’s feelings will have another place to land, she appears to have given up their relationship altogether. I wasn’t expecting a flood of emotion from Shizuku, but her retracted-confession of Haru was very cruel.

Natsume and Sasayan are given tiny roles to play, with Yuzan and Mitsuyoshi coming on for one scene. I hope that the larger cast will be around to break the suffocating tension in the episodes. The Haru-Chizuru-Shizuku triangle is a messy beast.

Rated – 3/5 See-saw of emotions and turbulent conversations.

See the previous episode!

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