Anime: Sukitte Ii na yo (Say I Love You) – Episode 5 Summary + Review

“You want to hear my story…?”


(Yamato sneaks up on Mei after a half-hour of stalking)

Studio: ZEXCS

Genre: Romance, Shoujo, Drama,  Age: 13+

Released: 28 September 2012 – onwards

From the previous episode, Mei finds an abandoned kitten in the park, and feels sad that a small creature has been left to fend for itself. Although Yamato offers comfort, Mei’s anguish causes him to take the kitten under his care, even though he knows anything about taking care of a cat.

Warning! May contain spoilers!




Mei is bombarded with constant calls by Yamato searching for advice. Having a cat oh her own, she can help him out with the basics, and Yamato is determined to show his gratitude.


(“I thought you were an annoying telemarketer..”)

He eventually asks Mei’s cat to visit his new kitten, and Mei is left in shock of how these series of events will take place.


(“I should have washed the cat earlier…”)

Her mind is rather boggles when she reaches Yamato’s house, which is rather larger than hers.


(Mei realises that Yamato is handsome and RICH)

Yamato’s younger sister doesn’t take a shine to his “bland” girlfriend, and is rude from the outset. Yamato doesn’t seem to mind, but Mei is already doubting herself.


(Fact: all younger sisters in anime are brats with pasts. It’s the law.)

Noticing that Mei is uncomfortable, Yamato is determined to test out some advances, but Nagi walks in on them.


(Nagi grew up too soon…)

Nagi’s rage is monstrous, and Yamato tells her off for not being polite to Mei. It feels like Yamato’s sister and his girlfriend will never get along, even though Yamato is trying to excuse her behaviour by saying that she used to be better behaved.


(“I know I’ve never said this before, but… we need to lock you in your room”)

Nagi has a past of being used her school friends, giving her a brief but solitary experience as a popular girl. Now that she has turned her back on fake personalities, she feels that she cannot trust anyone ever again.


(Oh! The melodrama! The confusion!)

Yamato gets a call from Kenji to pick up some free food. Not wanting to refuse a good offer, he leaves Mei in his room.


(“What kind of food is it?”)

Mei decides to take the initiative, and make peace with Nagi by returning her soft toy to her.


(“So tell me exactly how rich your family is…”)

Inside Nagi’ room is a treasure trove of stuffed toys, that Nagic has made herself. Mei is really impressed by Nagi’s skill, and insists that she will find someone who shares her interests.


(“Your best friend is a bear..? How does that work?”)

Nagi is moved by Mei’s words, and decides to offer her a blue bear as a peace token.


(The toys come to life when the owners aren’t looking? That’s been done.)

By the time that Yamato has come back, the two have reconciled and are curled up on the sofa.


(Mei has a new book out: ‘How to Woo a Young Girl in One Day.’)

Overall, what is it with anime and cats? They are a great focal point for plots, make great secondary characters, or even plot-points. But, they are just cats.

This was a very mellow episode, I think even more mellow compared to other episodes in the series. This wasn’t about cats though, it was about overcoming Nagi’s loneliness and Mei’s ability to make friends with new people. In a way, it was a moving episode, even if the content wasn’t drastic.

This series is very character-driven, and with a very gentle pace, so flashbacks and anguishes are just part of the ride. I’m not expecting anything dramatic like Peach Girl which dropped a bomb every two  minutes, but I would expect some sort of struggle between Mei and Yamato, just to give the fans something to fight for.

Rated – 3/5 Mellow plot, and a tender storyline.

See the old episode!

See the previous episode!

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