Anime: K – Episode 5 Summary + Review

“Fight to death… kinda”


(Daydreaming! No wonder Shiro is failing everything…)

Studio: GoHands

Genre: Urban, Action,  Age: 13+

Released: 28 September 2012 – onwards

From the previous episode, the school gets ready for their annual festival, but Shiro is still thinking about the bloodied clothes he found in his closet. It would put him under suspicion of murder, and this time with good reason.

Warning! May contain spoilers!




Kuro doesn’t appear to be worried about Shiro’s innocence anymore, so Shiro doesn’t mention it.


(I think I’ll dye my hair black, and then people will stop chasing me.)

Meanwhile, HOMRA and Scepter 4 have made it to Shiro’s high school to find the murderer in the grainy video. Misaki and his large friend Saburouta ask random students about the whereabouts of the person in the picture. They seem to be conspicuously staying away from asking girls.


(“Tell me now, unless you want to get rolled over by my friend here…”)

Scepter 4 head straight to the school Principle’s office and demand that a search should commence. Saruhiko slips away from the group and ambushes a young girl to gain access to the school’s student records.


(Surahiko wishes he had taken the deal on half price sunglasses)

Eventually, Surahiko and Homra duo meet on campus, and there is bad blood between the them.


(“Gah, look at that dweeb… Let’s kill him!”)

After much taunting by Surahiko, a fight begins. Both members use their best moves and at times seem to be equally matched.


(Surahiko has managed to win fangirls, despite being almost psychotic)

Surahiko has a surprise under his sleeve. He reveals that after leaving Homra for Scepter 4, he has managed to keep powers of both colours; red and blue. He uses that to attack Misaki.


(“I love playing with knives. Hwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!”)

The fight is cut short by Seri, who had been trying to track down Surahiko.


(Lavender smoke bombs. They make you smell pretty too.)

She points out to both teams that fighting on campus doesn’t give the right impression. Misaki is shy against her blatant femininity and backs down. He appears to have a shyness against girls.


(The only screenshot where Anna’s cleavage isn’t given more room than her face)

As a last attempt, Misaki approaches a female student and asks if she knows anyone in the picture. the student refuses, but the camera reveals that it Shiro’s close friend Kukuri, who seems to have no recollection of him.

The search for the killer turns out to be fruitless as Surahijko also reveals that the student database didn’t contain a match for the picture.


(Misaki’s tongue managed to bury itself down his throat.)

Overall, I’m starting to wonder why the side-characters of Homra and Scepter 4 are a lot more interesting than bland-smiley-Shiro and omelette-boss-obsessed-Kuro.

Let’s not even mention that cat-girl-Neko, who whined and ached about rice cakes earlier in the episode.

Misaki has been the most interesting character for me, ever since the skateboard chase in episode 1. His fighting technqiue is interesting, and I’m happy that members of both gangs aren’t afraid to throw their magic around.

The technicalities of the magic systems aren’t really explained, apart from red or blue representing the two gangs, and the most colour wins. However, the fights are choreographed well, and general movements of each character are smoothly animated. It’s a visual feast.

Shiro’s murder investigation seems to have fizzled out, and I’m hoping for a better approach to the actual murder events.

Rated – 3.5/5 Well choreographed fight.

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