Book: Chivalry (Coraline & Other Stories) Review

“This will look lovely on my mantlepiece…”


Author: Neil Gaiman

Genre: Surreal, Horror, Age: Children’s+

Released: 5th October 2009 (UK Version)

Old Mrs Whitaker has a habit of treating herself to gifts and ornaments from her local charity shop. One day, she finds a dusty old object, which turns out to be the Holy Grail… and decides that it would look rather nice on her mantlepiece.

Warning! May contain spoilers!




Taking it home, she soon receives a visit from a handsome knight from an King Arthur legend, which is incredibly out of place in the modern setting. He is on a quest to find the Holy Grail, and has finally tracked it to this old lady’s house.

Mrs Whitaker initially doesn’t take him seriously, but sends him on his way with some sandwiches. The dashing knight returns several times, offering her other legendary artifacts in return for the Holy Grail. Eventually,  he rides of into the sunset with his prize.

Overall, I thought this was a genuinely charming and witty story. Neil Gaiman’s signature writing style, and his turn-of-phrases can be spotted by fans. Unusually for this anthology the story is significantly longer, and thus it feels complete and wholesome. The ending especially, where both Mrs Whitaker and the knight get what they want, is just fulfilling. It has some quirky and funny moments. Plus, I adore knights.

Rated – 3.5/5 Good read, whimsical and funny.

*Covers made by me, for illustrative purposes only.

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