TV: Merlin S5 – Episode 11 Summary + Review

“Run and hide in the name of love”


(She totally looks like one of those evil, brutal Saxons.)

Airing on: BBC

Genre: Magic, Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Family, Drama Age: All ages

Released: 6th October 2012 – onwards (UK Version)

From the previous episode, the Knights of Camelot hunt a group of Saxons. One of the members is attempting to get away, and Mordred is quick to chase after them. It turns out to be his childhood love, Kara, who he lets slip away.

The only witness to his actions is Merlin, who is watching with the belief that Mordred may show his true side any day now.

Warning! May contain spoilers!




Mordred feels the need to justify his actions to a pensive Merlin, after sneaking out of Camelot to help Kara with her injured leg.


(“What are these flutterings in my chest… Stomach gas?”)

Arthur and the Knights soon notice a set of footprints that lead to a hidden cave. When Kara is confronted, despite her injuries, she tries to kill Arthur.


(“Are you secretly seducing one of the knights? Cause that happens a lot.”)

Her fate is now sealed, for trying to kill the king. Arthur sentences her to death. Even Mordred’s pleading won’t change his mind.


(“You’re a good looking guy, you can find another girlfriend.)

Mordred feels that all hope is lost, and he and Kara must escape Camelot. He breaks her out of the dungeons, but she quickly turns to killing any person in their way.

Mordred gets to see a new side to his friend, after she poorly justifies her actions.


(Oh she’s a crazy girl this one~#)

The pair are quickly caught, and now are in deeper trouble. Arthur still plans on carrying out the death sentence for Kara, but is conflicted about what sort of punishment to give to his trusted knight.

Merlin tries to get Arthur to show mercy to the pair, but Arthur is still reeling from the treachery.


(Arthur spots Mordred and Kara making a break for it)

The next morning, Mordred is held in the dungeons while Kara is brought up to see the king. Arthur has decided to give Kara one last chance.

As generous as the offer had been, Kara refuses it and swears to kill Arthur by any means necessary.


(“So, after escaping the guards five or six times… I’m killing you.”)

Arthur has no choice but to carry out the death sentence. Kara dies, and Mordred is left fuming in the dungeons. In his passion, he breaks out of the dungeon using magic, and decides to ally with Morgana.

He also reveals to her, the true identity of Emrys…. as Merlin.


(Mordred proposes to Morgana. Unfortunately, he’s too young for her.)

Overall, I wasn’t pleased with the introduction of yet *another* female character, whose only purpose is to die dramatically along the time-frame of one episode.

Mordred has always seemed like a calm and collected character. So squishy, and warm feelings of love are not easily associated with his decisions. Doing everything and anything to rescue his girlfriend made little sense to me, especially since I don’t recall her from anytime before this episode.

The episode moves at a simpering slow pace, but is redeemed by that single moment at the end: Mordred gives over Emrys’ true name as Merlin,  and it falls from his lips in the most dramatic way.

At that exact moment, you can see the entire Merlin universe changing.

Morgana’s elation was nothing compared to mine. I practically crowed with delight! Yes, there are only two episodes left, but how amazing would it be for Morgana to chase after Merlin? How *epic* will the battle of magic be?

For the fate of Camelot?!

And for Arthur?!

I have goosebumps…

Rated 3/5 – Pivotal moment at the end.

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