TV: Merlin S5 – Episode 10 Summary + Review

“Things get tortured a lot”


(Merlin is imagining a fair magical lady, walking through the woods)

Airing on: BBC

Genre: Magic, Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Family, Drama Age: All ages

Released: 6th October 2012 – onwards (UK Version)

From the previous episode, Merlin finds a magical token in the forest. Suspicious of its origins, and wondering why anyone would leave a powerful artifact in the middle of nowhere, he decides to investigate.

Warning! May contain spoilers!




Alator, who knows the true identity of Emrys, is captured by Morgana. She plans on torturing him until the her nemesis’ true identity is revealed.


(Alator’s choice is between torture, or being Morgana’s boyfriend.)

A druid priestess of the Old Religion makes contact with Merlin, on the same spot where teh token was dropped. She appears to know who Merlin truly is, and wants him to secretly meet with her later.


(“I’m not a crazy old lady. I’m not. You listen to me!”)

Gaius is suspicious of a trap set by Morgana, and when Merlin refuses to listen to his advice, Gaius tells Arthur about the sorceress that is hiding in the woods.


(Gaius knows from a friend, of a friend, about a magical person, somewhere.)

Merlin learns that the sorceress works for his ally, Alator. The Knights of Camelot manage to interrupt the meeting between Merlin and Finna.  The two must hide before they are caught.


(“We’ll search the entire kingdom, or die trying.”)

Finna sends a message to Alator confirming that she has found Emrys.

Morgana decides to kill Alator, who didn’t break under her tortures anyway, and pursue Finna who is likely to be a weaker target.


(Morgana’s cleaner arrived too early to clear the body.)

On his second attempt to meet up with Finna, Merlin is caught out by the Knights that are patrolling the forest. They won’t let him out of their sight, but Merlin quietly slips away in the middle of the night.

Only Mordred, who was awake at the time, notices. Mordred decides to help Merlin in his quest.


(“According to Arthur, you are an idiot. So stick slose.”)

Morgana reaches the forests of Camelot where Finna is reputedly hiding. Noticing that the sorceress has left magical marks in the trees, Morgana tracks her down.


(“There’s a big sign with arrows over there.”)

Finna tired and weary from being chased, and although Merlin is using his magic, there is too much confusion.

Merlin’s leg is injured, making him and Finna hobble to a nearby tower.


(The secret hideout was the only building in sight.)

Finna realises that Morgana is only after her, because she doesn’t know the existence of Merlin. Telling Merlin to hide further away, Finna confronts Morgana.

Morgana demands information, but Finna decides to end her life on the wish of a better world.


(“Lady Morgana, what a pleasant surprise.”)

Merlin lays dying on the rooftop of the tower. He calls the dragon in a last desperate bid to save his life.


(“Oh, where is the nearest toilet in this tower…..”)

The dragon comes t0 Merlin’s rescue, but appears weaker than before.

Merlin’s questions about the Dragon’s injuries and slowness are answered with “age”. The dragon is aware that he is the last of his kind, and that he might never see Merlin again after this meeting.


(“I got this injury playing the dragon. In The Hobbit films.”)

Morgana sends a “sorceress’s message” to the residents of Camelot, when she attacks a guard. The man’s facial skin suffocated him. Arthur and Gaius see this as a grim sign that Morgana is no longer afraid of Camelot’s forces.


(“Mmmhph… mphhg.. mmmpgh”)

Overall, Morgana really stole the show, and is getting more personally involved in the hunt of Arthur and Emrys.

The character of Finna was surprising gem in the clutter of one-episode characters. Finding an old druid priestess should have been a longer storyline, especially when Morgana is supposedly one of the few that are still active.

Finna ends her life with a non-magical conclusion. Merlin seems to have his identity protected at the cost of other people, which slightly cheapens the experience. You know he’s not going to die as long as he has a friend.

And once again, Colin Morgan is lying in a ground somewhere, waiting for some miraculous recovery from the brink of death. This time it was the dragon…

Incidentally, the *dragon* is dying.

Rated 3.5/5 – Gripping hide and seek scenes.

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