TV: Merlin S5 – Episode 7 Summary + Review

“Who killed Arthur?”


(Arthur vows to fall unconscious as many times until the end of the series)

Airing on: BBC

Genre: Magic, Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Family, Drama Age: All ages

Released: 6th October 2012 – onwards (UK Version)

From the previous episode, Arthur faces an assassination attempt while being out with Gwen on their anniversary. The strap of his horse’s girdle has been cut, and only someone who has access to the king’s stables could do this….

Warning! May contain spoilers!




Tyr, the trusted stable hand that has looked  after the king’s horses for many years, naturally falls under suspicion. Although he denies treachery, he is still thrown into the dungeon.


(“What do you mean this is this first time you’ve seen me?”)

Guinevere convinces Arthur that he has done the right thing, even though Arthur is having second thought.s Merlin takes the initiative and tries to talk to Tyr. A confession is half-blooming, and Merlin rushes to deliver the news that another person was involved.


(Gwen gives her best puppy eyes)

Just as Arthur is heading down, he is convinced by Guinevere to let Tyr think about his decision. Arthur decides to wait, and Gwen takes her chance at killing Tyr, who had witnessed Gwen tampering with Arthur’s satchel.


(Gwen becomes an expert in killing overnight)

Morgana is buying a deadly poison that she will give to Guinevere, to assassinate Arthur.


(Nevermind magic, Morgana’s heading for good old poison…)

After a meeting with Morgana in the forest, Guinevere runs into Merlin. He has been noticing that Gwen has been acting very strangely after her imprisonment with Morgana.


(Merlin’s Morgana-senses are tingling!)

Merlin and Gaius investigate the forest around the castle for any intruders, and come across a scarp of cloth, which looks to belong to someone very rich.


(That glass is so foggy, I’m surprised Gaius can see anything)

Merlin makes the connection that it is the queen who is about to kill Arthur, and who has had access to him all this time. He comes into the room too late to save Arthur, who has fallen victim to the deadly poison.


(Distract with bust. Kill king and husband.)

Guinevere plays the innocent bystander and accuses Merlin of attempting to kills Arthur.


(“I’m so shocked! Really shocked! Merlin did it!”)

Merlin is captured, but must break out of prison to rescue Arthur with his magic. The poison is spreading quickly, and time is running out for the king.


(“I need to use the bathroom…”)

Guinevere continues with her act at a grieved queen, and soon wins over the Knights of Camelot’s approval of being the next leader, should Arthur die.


(Sir Leon has already arranged the funeral)

Merlin transforms into an older version of himself. Outwitting the guards, he sets the whole castle looking for an intruder whilst he climbs the window into Arthur’s room.


(“Don’t kill an old man, I’ll be dead soon anyway.”)

Using his magic, Merlin rescues Arthur… just. Then Merlin has the arduous task of returning to prison, where no-one should suspect a  thing.


(Breathing prison-breath over Arthur isn’t likely to revive him.)

When the king awakens, he pulls Merlin back out of prison, and commends Guinevere for finding the real culprit behind the poison… a quaint old poison master. Everything seems to end on a happy note, except Guinevere knows that someone in the castle knows her secret, and Merlin is wary of Guinevere’s every move.


(“Someone poured wee into my drink. You will PAY!”)

Overall, maybe I spoke too soon when I mentioned that Morgana should use Guinevere to assassinate Arthur. Okay, it a was a roundabout way of doing things, but Guinevere’s traps were pretty ingenious.

Putting the blame on others, she moved slyly from one scheme to another. I’m sort of disappointed that the knights didn’t questions any of her orders, and Arthur lost his authority doing what his precious Gwen said, at every opportunity.

Gwen is turning into a nasty character, even nastier than Morgana. On an strange and unrelated note, how pretty is her hair?! I just couldn’t stop gawping when Angel Coulby pulled her hair out from her cloak, and it long, curly and totally princessy… They may be extensions, or they be her actual hair, but gosh, Gwen shouldn’t have lovely hair when she’s evil. Look at Morgana, her whole porcelain beauty went down the drain. Now it’s more of a cool witch type beauty.

I digress…

I’m not a fan of the old-man Merlin, just because he seems to be sarcastic, rather than magical. What would it take for this series to finally have a big shock regarding Merlin and his powers?

Rated 3.5/5 – Schemes and traps between characters.

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