TV: Merlin S5 – Episode 4 Summary + Review

“And eye for an eye, a son for a father”


(“Mirror, mirror, on the wall… Wait, this isn’t the right story.”)

Airing on: BBC

Genre: Magic, Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Family, Drama Age: All ages

Released: 6th October 2012 – onwards (UK Version)

From the previous episode, Morgana and King Odin plot together to capture Arthur. Using the recently captured Princess Mithian and her father King Rodor, they set a trap for the king of Camelot.

Warning! May contain spoilers!




Princess Mithian reaches Camelot late at night and tells the story of how her father was captured, and how she barely escaped. Arthur immediately proposes setting out to recover King Rodor, who is his alley.


(“I had to ride a horse without a cushion! *sob-sob*”)

Morgana is disguised as Princess Mithian old servant called Hilda. Despite her best efforts, Princess Mithian cannot escape the sorceresses clutches, and Morgana is deftly managing to avoid suspicion.


(Soon these corridors will belong to Morgana, and she will totally redecorate!)

Arthur’s expedition heads out to rescue King Rodor. Hilda is providing a good distraction with her old woman ails, every time the princess drops a hint. After an examination, Gaius is suspicious that Hilda may be suspiciously healthy for her age.


(Gaius finds his true love after years of loneliness, but there is a hidden surprise…)

Princess Mithian asks Merlin to fetch water, and he spots a single name carved into a rock. Realising that the old maid is Morgana in disguise, he rushes back to camp.


(“I’m the girl of the moment. Where is Queen Guinevere? Not here!”)

Morgana attacks Merlin before he can reach anyone, and he is knocked unconscious by the blow. Arthur decides to rescue King Rodor without Merlin, as time is of the essence.


(Yellow-eyes effect is a specialty of this series…)

Reaching the place with King Rodor is said to be captive, Princess Mithian reveals that this was an unfortunate trap and Odin’s men are surrounding the building.


(“There’s only one room here, and your father isn’t here… so….?”)

A battle starts between the Knights of Camelot and Odin’s men. Catching up, Merlin makes a quick entrance and starts off an earthquake, which distracts everyone.


(Luckily everyone started stabbing while the ground was shaking.)

Outside, Arthur and Odin have a showdown. Both want vengeance for their loved ones killed, Arthur for his father and Odin for his son.


(Emergency drills needed more practice, and with less weapons in the way)

Eventually Arthur wins the dual, but he seeks a truce between Odin’s and his kingdom. Both men promise to put the past behind them.


(Odin looks so *glad* to have his life spared by the blonde king. He really does.)

Overall, I adored the battle scenes in this episode. It may be that he’s been practicing for the fifth season, but Bradley James sword wielding has gotten more smoother and more confident.

I don’t remember Odin, or even Princess Mithian from previous seasons, although they seem to have old links to Camelot.

Disappointingly, there wasn’t a moment of recognition between Merlin and Morgana. How on earth did Merlin manage to use magic without anyone noticing? It looked painfully obvious.

Morgana, a.k.a Hilda’s, old-woman voice was superbly grating. I’m not convinced about the old act either, especially when her smooth face just looks bloated, rather than old.

Rated 3.5/5 – Beautifully paced, action packed.

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