Anime: Digimon Frontier – Episode 17 Summary

“All you can eat digi-food!”

(New in town? Try not to stare.)

Studio: Toei Animation

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Age: All ages

Released: April 1, 2001 – March 31, 2002

From the last episode, the Toucanmon have stolen the digivices and ran off to the Autumn Leaf Fair. The Legendary warriors make it to the strange fair, which is a hot summery spot in the middle of an arctic desert. Now the search to find the Toucanmon and their digivices begins.

Tommy comes across a strange digimon called Datamon who is struggling with a simple video game. Tommy agrees to help him out, and even wins a strange prize that pops out of the machine.

(Datamon’s gaming headcahe only got worse when a small child beat him)

It turns out that Datamon was traded the digivices by the Toucanmon, and his job is taking stuff apart. Tommy can’t bear to see the digivices being scrapped, and promises to return within one hour with something of value to trade for them.

(Tommy is used to get his way with tears)

J.P and Zoey get into a 30-plate eating competition. While J.P struggles with the food, Zoey calmly munches away the dishes.

(“J.P! If you get more rounder, we’ll have to roll you!”)

Tommy runs into the Toucanmon in the fair, and follows them out into the snowy landscapes. He finds out that they hve traded a small camera for the digivices, and steals it from them. After the birds get into some trouble, he also pull them out of the icy water.

He gets no thanks for his troubles, and the Toucanmon soon make their escape with the camera.

(Tommy’s decided to let them suffer for a little bit first)

Arbormon catches up with the Toucanmon, takes the camera, and traces the origins of the digivices. Datamon is threatened with a reverse trade, and when he sees Tommy’s selfless act which had been captured on camera, he decides to stop trading with Arbormon.

(Robberies have gotten more blatant in recent years)

Arbormon digivolves into Petaldramon, and starts destroying the Autumn Leaf Fair. Datamon gives Tommy the digivices, as well the mysterious item from the machine, which turns out to be Tommy’s Beast Spirit.

(“Here’s your crummy stuff. I don’t want it anymore. It’s broken…”)

Tommy’s digivolves into Koikakumon.

(A monkey with dreadlocks? Why not!)

He seesm to have more control than the others with their beast spirit, and soon sends Petaldramon on his way.

(Korikakumon is really useful as a torch…)

The digidestined are contacted by Ophanimon, and told they must travel to under the Rose Morning Star, which is far away. Luckily, they have tickets for the train from the eating competition!

Their challenges have only just begun…

(“That’s a million miles into danger!”)

See the next episode!

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