Anime: K – Episode 4 Summary + Review

“Does anyone remember that circus we had once? It’s important.”

(Kuro gallantly refuses all the girls)

Studio: GoHands

Genre: Urban, Action,  Age: 13+

Released: 28 September 2012 – onwards

From the previous episode, Kuro and Neko “transfer” into Shiro’s school to keep a closer eye on him. Kuro’s mannerisms are too formal to truly fit in, but he impresses a lot of the classmates already. Neko is finding it hard to fit in as an average student, but she likes her magical school uniform.

Warning! May contain spoilers!




Kuro main purpose in transferring was to prove that Shiro is guilty of murder. The video of Shiro supposedly committing the murder has already gone viral  and time is running short to prove Shiro’s innocence.

(“Have you noticed our hair is black and white, and our NAMES are black and white!”)

Members of Homura and Scepter 4 track down Shiro’s location at Ashinaka High School and are preparing their moves.

(And -herearesomepersonthatgetsomescreentime- and back to Kuro and Shiro!)

Shiro thinks back to the night where he committed the murder. He remember an incident where a student climbed the clock tower and confessed his love for Kukuri. The distance between the school and the murder is too far away for it to possibly happen, but he still needs evidence.

(I never noticed the cat when I took this screenshot..)

Despite Shiro’s best efforts, he cannot find a picture of himself at the incident, and no-one remembers him being present.

(Neko is determined to be the most annoying character. Determined!)

Kuro starts to lose faith until Shiro points out that his PDA, which logs him into the schools attendance system, never left the school grounds.

Kukuri stabs this theory by pointing out that Shiro always forgets his PDA anyway.

(“Sorry Neko, this is turning into bishi-anime. You might want to exit soon..”)

Things get tense when Kuro plans on ending Shiro’s life. Neko steps in front on Shiro, but he protects her instead. Kuro sees the bond between them and decides for himself that Shiro is a kind person, incapable to harming others.

(“Neko will stay, as long as Neko doesn’t get in the way”)

The accusation is officially taken off Shiro, and he’s relieved. Until, whilst rummaging through the belongings in his closet, he find blood stained clothes that the murderer in the video wore? Is he really the murderer?

(The joys of doing laundry!)

Overall, this episode goes around in a large loop. The characters end up back to square one, after a lot of unnecessary and uninteresting running around.

Shiro is desperately trying to come up with theories to prove his innocence. Kuro doesn’t rely on his own detective work and lets Shiro take the league. Neko… is a cat-girl… who is virtually useless.

New characters are given some screen time. The most annoying additions are possibly the Student Council Leader and her incredibly vapid Assistant. Does the school council in every anime, do anything more than fawn over each other? I think not.

The animation is as gorgeous as always, but I’m more than a little tired of all style and no substance. This started so well..

Rated – 2.5/5 Long loop with poor new characters.

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