TV: Downton Abbey S3 – Episode 6 Summary + Review

“Does anyone know the fox trot?”

(Tom considers Ireland a higher, and possibly better looking, race)

Airing on: ITV

Genre: Family, Slice of Life, Drama, Age: All ages

Released: 16th September 2012 – onwards (UK Version)

From the previous episode, the residents at Downton Abbey go into mourning for the loss of the youngest sister Sybil. Tom wants to leave Downton as soon as possible to begin his new life, away from the dark shadow of death.

In memory of her mother’s death, he has decided to name the new baby Sybil.

Warning! May contain spoilers!




Ethel is finding it difficult managing the cooking duties for Mrs Crawley. She asks Mrs Patmore for help, and Mrs Patmore agrees, even though Mr Carson has forbidden anyone from Downton interacting with the former prostitute.

(Fun fact: Prostitution is a disease spread by biting your victim!)

Mr Bates receives a hint from a prison guard about his fortunes changing.

(It’s not fun when prison guards give you too much attention)

Tom is relived to find out that before Sybil died, she agreed that the baby should be Catholic. This raises an uproar from Lord Grantham, but the others appear to have lesser issues with it.

(“We mean, I get my way? Again? Oh YEAH!”)

Mr Murray visits the ex Mrs Bates friend, and find that the witness has changed her story. This would mean the original sentence for Mr Bates will continue.

(“Stop talking about my shiny head, and tell me about the suicide!”)

Daisy is offered a farm by an old friend. the decision id a big one, and would greatly increase her fortunes.

(“You can have it all, and you don’t have to marry me either…”)

Mr Carson finds out that not only Mrs Patmore been helping Ethel against his wishes, but the Countess Grantham, Lady Cora, and Mary and Edith are also at Mrs Crawley’s house.

(Mrs Patmore loses all arguments because of her height)

Lord Grantham is being criticised by Matthew because of the mismanagement of his estate. He is in a bad news already, when Mr Carson breaks the news of the the whereabouts of the ladies.

(“Tom and James are in the series, so I feel like third place… I need to be richer!”)

At Mrs Crawley’s house all of the women refuse to leave, and don’t complain about being served by Ethel.

(The ladies are horrified to learn Ethel didn’t wear a hairnet)

Mr Bates threatens his roommate to change whatever bribing he has enforced on the witness.

(“I haven’t seen my wife in so long. If I don’t get out, I might do… things… to you.'”)

James is being strung tighter and tighter by Thomas’s “affections”. He complains to O’Brien, but she refuses to support him.

(Banging your head on the paino, to scare everyone away, was James’s usual strategy)

Alfred learns to dance from Daisy, even though he is practicing for Ivy. James stirs the pit even more, leaving Daisy feeling very used.

(“No Alfred! Don’t stand on my feet!”)

the newx of Mr Bates’s sentence being changed reaches Anna, and she quickly spreads the news to the ladies and Lord grantham.

(“We get out father’s manservant back! How joyful!”)

Countess Grantham arranges for Dr Clarkson to meet with Lord grantham and Cora, to lie trhat he might have been wrong about Sybil’s death. The couple reconcile.

(“She was going to die anyway… *coughafterhernaturallifecough* No problems.”)

Overall, this is the episode that completely threw me off my game. I was happily following all my series, and somehow this bland and uninspiring episode threatened everything that I loved about the Downton Abbey series.

Cora is strangely unsupportive of her husband, which isn’t nice to watch. Ethel is just a bland character who was frankly better off in her position as a minor character, but is desperately squeezing her way into more screen-time.

Tom is just so stubborn. Regardless of whatever happens, his selfish whims MUST be catered to. Any of the kindness he showed Sybil in season 2 seems to have vanished under his ever-growing political views. Everything and everyone that doesn’t agree with him is wrong. He has become a vile character, and I couldn’t give my sympathies to him.

The petty shenanigans that are happening below the stairs are uninteresting. Who is in love with who? I certainly don’t care. I might be sounding scathing, but it’s not meaty enough to be a plot, and seems to be getting more screentime as well.

There’s no significance to the series, and it needs some sort of dramatic hook to keep viewers going from episode to episode.

Rated 2/5 – Characters have bland interactions. Loose plot.

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