Anime: Sword Art Online – Episode 16 Summary + Review

Welcome to a happy place, where everyone has pointy ears”

(Into a brand new shiny world. Only $15.99 per month!)

Studio: A-1 Pictures

Genre: Game, MMO, Fantasy, Sc-Fi, Age: 13+

Released: 6th July 2012 – onwards

From the previous episode, after receiving a blurry picture of Asuna in a cage, possibly in another game, Kirito finds out about the Alfheim Online. This could potentially be the place where Asuna’s mind is living!

Warning! May contain spoilers!




Agil gives Kirito information about the picture going around on the internet. Some players in Alfheim Online took a risky photo of the top-most tower in the game, and although it’s blurry, it appears to be Asuna in the cage.

The game is very popular, despite all the controversy with Sword Art Online. It is based around elves and flying.

(“That photo could be anyone with brown hair. But I’m sure it’s Asuna!”)

Kirito feels anxious about diving into another virtual world, when he has just spent two years in Sword Art Online, but his feelings are too strong. He eventually decides to play the game.

(It’s better to be an virtual hero, than a real depressed boy)

The first step would be choosing his player avater. In the world, Kirito discovers that it has the same abilities as his Sword Art counterpart, due to being on the same servers. He has managed to retain all of his previous stats.

(“Maybe I should be more creative with my appearance. Nah…!”)

All of items are also included in the game, although the game can’t identify any of them. Yui is safe, and Kirito decides to summon his “daughter”, who is now listed as an in-game help pixie.

(Yui will squeak her way through the next twenty episodes. Because.)

A young elef girl is shown running away from three pursuers who want to kill her avatar. Naturally she defends herself  but can’t hold off all three.

(Mysterious blond with large chest. Naturally, she must be a good guy.)

Kirito, who had been practicing how to fly, stumbles into the conflict, and feels that he has to defend the girl. With his powerful stats, which are far above the average player, he easily defeats the trio.

What other dangers does Alfheim Online have in store for him?

(“Never fear! Kirito is here!”)

Overall, I couldn’t think of anything more annoying to spell than “Alfheim Online”. The actual world is very pretty, and it’s nice that Kirito won’t have to start from scratch.

Life is tough in online worlds, and Sword Art was a scarring issue. I was surprised when Kirito only has token reluctance about going into another game.

Yui returns as an annoying pixie character. I hate these “help” creatures, that are almost always squeaky mascots. Yui seems to be there for sentimental value. Well, maybe not. She did help Kirito. It’s just that this isn’t an actual game, so the tutorial is virtually useless for any viewer…

I’m not sure if I’m looking forward to Adventures of Elves.

Rated – 3/5 Overly technical and struggles with action scenes.

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