Anime: Sukitte Ii na yo (Say I Love You) – Episode 3 Summary + Review

“Two can play at this game”

(Mei needs a full makeover)

Studio: ZEXCS

Genre: Romance, Shoujo, Drama,  Age: 13+

Released: 28 September 2012 – onwards

From the previous episode, although Mei insists that she’s only going to the parlour on the weekends, Yamato is determined to tag along and treat it as a date.

Yamato is a cool guy, and being in public with him only reminds Mei of how drabby she looks. It doesn’t help that girls nearby hit on Yamato right in front of her, and he even gets a scouting agents asking about him!

Are they really meant to be?

Warning! May contain spoilers!




The pair run into another couple who are friends with Yamato. Aiko is an stunning girl that was previously eyeing up Yamato, and is unhinged by his attraction to Mei.

(An in-joke between the boys: Who has the wettest armpits?)

The two couples double date at the bowling alley. Mei shows some skill at bowling, but Aiko isn’t impressed about how Yamato chose Mei over her.

(Mei cracks a loud one. That’s why Yamato likes her.)

Cornering Mei, Aiko demands to know the extend of their relationship. What kind of chemistry do they have?

When Mai can’t answer those questions, Aiko gets angry at Mei for wasting Yamato’s time. She’s an old flame of Yamato, and can’t belive Mei would be her replacement.

(Aiko graffitis Mei in anger)

Mei feels pretty low after this devastating blow to her self-esteem. She heads off by herself, and Yamato follows her despite Aiko best efforts to do otherwise.

(Witchy Aiko can’t cast her spell quick enough. Yamato escapes.”)

The viewer sees in a flashback how Aiko herself has self0-exteem issues. After ruining her looks, and going on fad diets to please her old boyfriend, he broke up with her anyway.

She runs into Yamato’s arms, and decides to spend her life pleasing him instead.

(“Other kids accused me of giving them acne. I’m not a witch!”)

Aiko spent a lot of effort to change her looks and style, including losing a lot of weight. She feels that her effort should pay off.

(Aiko on her time on The Biggest Loser)

Mei runs to her refuge with the tiny kitten she is looking after. Yamato comes to console her about their relationship.

(The best time to cry is out in the rain. ….With a kitten.)

The two head to Yamato’s middle school, where he explains the reason he is so nice to everyone. He used to be self-serving in middle-school, and didn’t speak up when bullies were harming his best friend. It was only after his best friend transferred that he realised people move away if you don’t look after them.

His admiration of Mei is out of her choice to be independent and have her own opinions, particularly after she kicked him (the coolest guy in school) in front of everyone.

Mei is flattered by his confession, now that he’s given her a genuine reason to like her, the two make up.

(“I was sad so I broke some stuff. That won’t affect our relationship, promise.”)

Overall, I thought this episode was slower than it needed to be. It skips from topic to topic, and never manages to nail anything down. The ending conversation was probably the best part. I liked Yamato a lot after he told Mei about the exact moment he noticed her.

Aiko and Masashi make a terrible couple, it’s shocking to see their relationship clashing so directly in front of Mei and Yamato.

Aiko’s self-esteem issues aren’t new to any shojou manga, but I’m appreciative of how her own personality clashes with her willingness to “please her boyfriend”. It’s an issue that affects a lot of girls. As much as I hate her for being mean to Mei, I hope she has a happy outcome. If only to please my inner feminist champion.

Rated – 3/5 Issues are conveyed very slowly.

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