TV: Merlin S5 – Episode 2 Summary + Review

“Trapped with no way out”

(A pet dog is too common)

Airing on: BBC

Genre: Magic, Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Family, Drama Age: All ages

Released: 6th October 2012 – onwards (UK Version)

From the previous episode, Morgana has a nightmare about her and her dragon trapped in a well. She wakes up in the middle of the night, and vows vengeance on Arthur and all his accomplishes. Little does she know, King Arthur is closer than she thinks….

Warning! May contain spoilers!




After being captured by Mordred and a group of head hunters, Merlin and Arthur are dragged through the snow and ice. The group is travelling towards Ismere, and Morgana’s castle.

Mordred is the only person who shows Merlin and Arthur any kindness, though Merlin still doesn’t trust him.

(Arthur’s ears will soon turn black and drop off)

Sefa, the young woman who gave information to her father, who works for Morgana, is still going to be executed. Although Sefa begs for her life, Guinevere is planning to catch Sefa’s father out on the execution date.

(“Please, I did it to feed my family. It’s just me and my dad…”)

After tricking their captors, Arthur and Merlin escape. Arthur shoots down any men that try to chase them, but leaves Mordred alive.

Merlin shouts that it was his only chance to be rid of Mordred forever, because he knows that Mordred will be Arthur’s downfall. Arthur, however, owes Mordred a life debt.

(“Get out of the way, Merlin. I’m trying to shoot the bad guys.”)

Sefa’s father, Ruadon, rescues Sefa from the dungeons, but he is injured by the knights protecting the castle.

(Glowing Eyes. Because casting spells would make it Harry Potter)

Sefa says goodbye to her father. It is unknown what will happen to her now that she is wanted by Queen Guinevere.

(“You can’t die, it’s only episode 2! I’ll lose value as a character!”)

Arthur and Merlin manage to sneak into Morgana’s castle, and make their way into the underground mines where the captured knights work. Sir Percival is given a sword, which he uses to free the rest of the prisoners.

(“All this time you’ve been working in the mines, ‘It’s Raining Men’ has been playing?”)

Mordred has reached Morgana, and the two are reunited with much warmth. They are having dinner when the intruder alarm bells ring. Morgana immediately realises that Arthur is close by.

(“Once Athur is killed, I can create my perfect Knight Boyband.”)

Sir Gwain has been hurt by the guards, and has been lying in the cold mine shaft for a long time. He is being protected by the mysterious creature that lives in the mines, the Diamair, the key to all knowledge.

(Awkward moment when you you can’t remember what you did, and with which species)

Arthur and Merlin walk in to find Sir Gwain still collapsed on the floor, and the Diamair making it’s escape.

(“I really, really hope that you two are just ‘good friends’, Gwain. Otherwise it’s creepy…”)

Everyone makes a run for it through the mines, but when a firey breeze gushes past them, Merlin runs off the distract the dragon.

He comes across the baby dragon Aithusa, who cannot speak or fly. Merlin tells it to make it’s escape.

(Merlin is going to contact the Dragon’s Abuse Line as soon as he gets home)

Arthur chases down Merlin, and both of them find themselves corned when Morgana and Mordred make their entrance.

(Arthur realises too late that he doesn’t have invisibility powers)

Morgana repeatedly attacks Arthur, despite his pleas of mercy for the sake of their childhood.

Eventually, Mordred stabs Morgana. He rescues Arthur, leaving an unconscious Merlin behind.

(“Ow! Mordred that hurts. That’s not how you treat old friends…”)

Merlin is found by the Diamair, who tells him that Merlin is wiser than most men. Merlin asks about Mordred’s recue of Arthur, and if he is truly Arthur’s bane. It turns out that, despite the prophecy, Arthur’s bane is himself.

(Everyone at home: “Not going near that…”)

Back at Camelot, Arthur knights Mordred and makes him a member of the Knights of Camelot.

(“And so, my collection of Handsome Knight of Camelot grows larger…”)

Merlin appreciates his saving of life, and of stopping Morgana, and Mordred implies that his values are towards family, not revenge.

(“Just because I’m a knight now, doesn’t mean you can hug me. Seriously.”)

The ending scenes of the episode show Morgana and her dragon walking through icy wastelands.

Overall, it’s another great episode, with Morgana’s actress Katie McGrath putting in a spectacularly wicked performance as a crazy witch. Merlin, though he’s still the goofball, becomes very solemn and wise. Arthur is still spitting against the wind, but I guess it’s all to lull the audience, who can nod and say “Yup, we knew Merlin was great all along.”

I don’t understand Mordred’s motivations, and he’s too mysterious and quiet to be one of my favourite characters, but no doubt there’s a grand role that’s opening for him in this story. So, let’s just see what happens.

Rated 3.5/5 – Slower episode, but the action scenes are exciting and pivotal.

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