Anime: Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun (My Little Monster) – Episode 2 Summary + Review

“The journey of a boy and a girl and a chicken…?”

(“There’s no clucking noise…. That’s my stomach.”)

Studio: Brain’s base

Genre: Romantic, Comedy, Shojou, Drama  Age: 13+

Released: 28 September 2012 – onwards

From the previous episode, Shizuku Mizutani has spinning thoughts about her feelings towards Haru. The boy in question, delinquent Haru, is very unconcerned. He’s relaxed about everything that she may be worried about, and even drags a chicken to school as his main concern.

Warning! May contain spoilers!




A cute girl in their class Asako Natsue begs Shizuku’s help. She has an arrangement with friends on the same day as the remedial classes, and needs pass her exams otherwise she’ll be stuck in class instead of with her friends.

(It’s so important to follow through with online invitations)

Shizuku coldly declines, but the arrangement catches Haru’s eye. Being naturally inept at dealing with people, he wants to see if he can also make friends at this meeting of High school forum members.

(Haru’s found interesting pictures on Natsume’s laptop)

Haru begins tutoring Natsume, but is terrible at keeping with Natsume’s slow pace.

(“This isn’t blackmail, but if you don’t study, all those pictures go on facebook.”)

A boy in Shizuku’s class teases her about how she manged to get Haru to come to class. Sasayan was in Haru’s Middle school class for three years, and Haru didn’t attend a single day.

(Sasayan wonders how he can get more screentime in future episodes.)

Feeling a bit more charitable towards Haru’s need for friendship, Shizuku helps with Natsume’s studies.

(Shizuku is suggesting a brain transplant doctor…)

Only a day is left until the exams, and both Shizuku and Natsume are pulled through the night for a last-minute cram.

(“Brain transplants take more than one day, so you have to study this time!””)

Natsume finally scores a high enough grade to scrape through. It’s not great, but saves her from the dreaded remedial class.

(Every happy song jump to your head when you pass)

The day after they return from the forum meeting, Natsume is furious at Haru for ruining her meeting. Haru is abrasive and awkward around people, ruining her chances to make real-life friends.

To top it off, the forum has estranged Natsume from their online community, and she’s alone again.

(Haru wonders if it’s too late to change the series’s love interest…)

Shizuku and Natsume are taking luch break on the roof, with Haru looking for her. Shizuku’s still hasn’t found the real answer to why Haru likes her, or what her returning feelings are.

With all the thinking, and the warm weather, Shizuku falls asleep on the roof, and Haru finds her.

(The entire school could hear snoring from the roof)

When she wakes up, and is missing class, Haru casually laughs it off. Shizuku sees her world from a different angle; now other people are the ones that are studying around her, ans she’s relaxing.

(“Nah, I thought I’d stick with my first choice.”)

Willing to embrace the new changes in her life, Shizuku tells Haru that she also likes him.

(“Let’s make this the best shoujo series ever, Haru…”)

Overall, this series is so ridiculously cute. Shizuku makes a great lead girl, and has has excellent (fast-moving) mannerisms. It’s only episode 2 and the couple have made a lot more progress than other shoujo series that drag their feet for ten episodes at a time, fawning over each eye contact and blush.

Maybe it’s not the most accurate example, but Shizuku’s embrace of change reminded me of the first couple of episodes of Paradise Kiss, where Yukari is willing to look past her studies and focus on a career instead.

Haru is an endearing lead, even if he’s extremely childish compared to Shizuku. They seem an odd-couple, rather than ‘destined for each other’. Well, I hope it plays out well.

The chicken is maybe too random for me, though it fits in with the cute moments, so why not. Shrug it off.

Rated – 4/5 Charming, but generically plotted episode.

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