Anime: K – Episode 2 Summary + Review

“Play an insane game of tag”

(“Gimme all your money!”)

Studio: GoHands

Genre: Urban, Action,  Age: 13+

Released: 28 September 2012 – onwards

From the previous episode, Shiro is held at sword-point by Kuro Yatogami, a.k.a the Black Hound, who is accusing him of murder. Although Shiro is denying having anything to do with murder, Kuro isn’t backing down.

This could be the end…

Warning! May contain spoilers!




Thinking to create some sort of distraction, Shiro fabricates a story about his sick sister dying in a hospital. With Shiro killed by Kuro, she’ll be all alone.

(“Please send this note asking for vengeance”)

Kuro completely falls for the story, and Shiro makes his escape with the help of some smoke bombs.

(“I leave every room with smoke bombs…”)

An organisation called Homura is trying to track Shiro, with sthe hlp os technology, some scrying by the youg gothic girl, and with a reward of 10 million Yen to anyone with information.

(Homura are thinking of renovating their van)

Misaki Yata, riding the skateboard, spots Shiro on the top of the building.

(“Grrr, lousy drivers. Almost ran me over.”)

Unfortunately, Kuro spots spots Shiro as well, and instead of both parties going after the culprit, they are forced to fight each other first.

Kuro manages to defeat Misaki, and rushes after Shiro.

(Surprise attack! Kuro’s head is harder than a boulder though)

Shiro finally reaches his school dorm room where he can take a break from all of his chasers.

(“Man, running away from assassins is tiring stuff…”)

More surprises are in store when his cat suddenly transforms into a beautiful, and naked, young women.

(Oh My Cat-Girl-Goddess?)

Kuro is helped to find Shiro’s dormitory by Kukuri, a girl in his class.

(Kuro’s fangirls are already screaming at the screen)

Shiro is having trouble understanding how the naked cat girl got into his room, and why she refuses to wear an clothes. He offers his jacket as some sort of cover, even though, she’s not shy about her body.

(Shiro is surprisingly calm about this random chick…)

When Kuro finally breaks into Shiro’s dorm, he is aghast at the nudity.

Shiro and the cat girl make their escape through the school grounds. No-one can see the cat girl, and only Shiro and Kuro can see the giant illusions that she creates to distract Kuro.

(Can an illusion kill you? Now is not the time to find out.)

Kuro finally catches up to the pair, but is foiled once again by the cat girl’s illusions.

(Why didn’t Kuro use the telekenetic hand? Or is that too much logic…?)

The trio end up back in Shiro’s dorm room, tired and very out of breathe.

(Who will recover fastest and end the chase?)

When the cat girl wants to be fed, Shiro decides to whip up some food for the three of them. Kuro quietly observes their bickering, and realise he must step in…

(Kuro desperately needs some Black Hound motifs around his costume..)

He opens his briefcase to reveal a cooking utensils and a spice rack! He them makes a meal for the three of them.

(New merchandise idea: Anime-Bishie Chef Cooking Set. It’s life-changing.)

Overall, there were very few things I understood in this episode. Clearly, it’s a matter of style over substance, because the plot is still unclear and very little happens. The viewer is instead treated to urban games, with Shiro, Kuro and the Homura gang displaying some sweet street and magic moves.

The cat girl added virtually nothing to both episodes so far. I don’t particularly like her as a character, largely because she sticks out as sore thumb in a very bishounen-filled anime. So strange.

K is all very flashy and entertaining, but in the long run could end up being very tedious. Still, it’s entertainment.

Maybe it’s good to turn off your brain and watch pretty animation once in a while.

Rated – 3.5/5 Stunning visuals. Didn’t understand the crass cat girl.

See the next episode!

See the previous episode!

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