Anime: Sukitte Ii na yo (Say I Love You) – Episode 1 Summary + Review

“Sometimes you just come across the right person…”

(Mei was a very lonely girl…)

Studio: ZEXCS

Genre: Romance, Shoujo, Drama,  Age: 13+

Released: 28 September 2012 – onwards

Antisocial, shy and unassuming, Mei Tachibana has spent most of life feeling suspicious of other people. Her philosophy that ‘everyone betrays you in the end‘ means that she has never been able to make friends, or find a boyfriend, which her classmates have noticed.

But things are about to take a drastic turn…

Warning! May contain spoilers!




After being tripped up near popular guy Yamato Kurosawa, Mei turns furiously on him and his chums.

(A new twist on the ‘bump-into’ scenario)

Yamato is shocked and intrigued by this girl that doesn’t fawn over him, like everyone else in school. He decides to keep an eye out for her.

(Mei’s reject-fulness captures Yamato’s heart.)

When goofball Kenji Nakanishi pulls on Mei’s skirt while she’s walking up the stairs, Yamato steps in to prevent confrontation. He gets the full hit of Mei’s outraged kick.

(The problem with kicking boys when you’re standing on stoirs in the skirt…)

Later that day, Mei finds hate notes and pins in her locker from Yamato’s admirers that want her to apologise to hitting him.

Yamato also turns up, to Mei’s surprise, to say sorry for the way his friend behaved.

(“I think everyone agress, I’m the man of your dreams.”)

Feeling that Yamato’s nicer than she expected, Mei also apologises for kicking him, but refuses to be friends.

(“You don’t like me as much as other girls. I’ve never had that before…”)

Yamato wants to exchange numbers, and eventually hands Mei his own, telling her to call him sometime.

(Yamato challenges himself to win Mei’s heart before the end of this series…)

At her part-time work, Mei encounters a man that seems to be interested in her. He leaves without saying a word, but she’s left with a strange chilled feeling.

(Creepy guy just wants to stroke Mei’s hand, that’s all)

Yamato confronts Mei at school the next day, asking about her call. She tells him that she only has her mother and her workplace as her contacts, and has no need for other people to call.

(Mei doesn’t even have facebook. That’s how reclusive she is!)

Yamato is soon courted by other classmates that want to hang out after school.

(Yamato could try his charms on other girls, in other places, but his heart is stolen…)

After work, Mei is followed by the strange man she noticed before. He follows her quiet a distance, and she gets worried he might try something her.

(Creepy dude is so creepy, he may as well do the zombie-shuffle)

Seeking refuge at a local store, she panicky calls her mother and workplace for help but no-one picks up. Finally, she calls Yamato.

(“Hello, Yamato. Please call the police…Or save me, whichever…”)

Rushing over from his friends, Yamato calm Mei down after her ordeal. He makes a plan to confront the man standing outside.

(Trying to scare perverts off with your ‘boyfriend-ness’. Yup.)

Pretending to be her boyfriend, Yamato kisses her until the man gets embarrassed and leaves.

Yamato’s plan worked, but it also left shy Mei with new feelings.

(If it was any other genre this would be weird….)

Overall, I’m already in love with this anime! It’s been a while since a solid shoujo-romance anime has been aired. Kimi no Todoke was the last one that I watched, and this seem to be similar in feeling but is moving at a much faster pace. It also has some sprinkles of Mars and Peach Girl, which makes it all the better in my eyes.

The main characters are already perfect, and I’m going to enjoy every second of their drama and angst-filled lives.

Rated – 5/5 For all romance fans. Perfect start.

See the next episode!

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