Anime: Digimon Frontier – Episode 14 Summary

“Doing everything to impress that one girl…”

(Don’t know what Bokomon is doing, but pretty sure it isn’t legal)

Studio: Toei Animation

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Age: All ages

Released: April 1, 2001 – March 31, 2002

From the last episode, the digi-destined escape on Trailmon, carefully safeguarding Seraphimon’s egg. Unknown to them, the tracks are strange and soon they end up at a dead end. How will they escape the underwater cave?

A Whamon surprises them by jumping out of the lake in the underground cave. It turns out that Whamon was happily swimming in the sea when he got sucked down after Grumblemon ate the fractale code of the surrounding land. Now Whamon and the digi-destined are trapped.

(Whamon is singing in the rain~#)

Meanwhile, Grumblemon and Arbomon are folliwng the trail of the egg, hoping to destroy Seraphimon and take the Spirit evolutions as well.

(Grumblemon sure knows how to sneak)

On reaching the cave, Whamon is drained out, and Grumblemon summons lots of Golemon to fight Agunimon and Lobomon.

(Awkward moment when you’re facing the wrong way for a battle)

Takuya and Kouji are no match for the number of Golemon and are soon distracted. J.P. and Tommy leap in protect Zoey who doesn’t have a Spirit evolution anymore.

(J.P has to protect -or impress- Zoey. It’ll only cost him a few limbs…)

Whamon attacks Grumblemon from behind, spiting J.P’s Beast Spirit. It’s a stroke of luck that J.P can now digivolve to a higher level.

(It’s a hundred-meter dash to secure his Beast Spirit before it’s stolen)

Matalkabuterimon is more than a match for Grumblemon and eventually destroys Grumblemon for good. J.P Absorbs the fractal code into his digivice.

(Water and electricity mix worse than water and Grumblemon’s body)

Zoey is free to have her Spirit evolution back.

(Zoey can now be a pretty-fairy digimon again)

Suddenly the the cave walls loosen and rocks are raining down on their heads. Whamon rescues everyone in his mouth, and leads them into an island for their next adventure.

(“Thanks for saving us Whamon, just don’t swallow…”)

See the next episode!

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