Anime: Zetzuen no Tempest (Blast of Tempest) – Episode 1 Summary + Review

“You and your best friend against the world”

(School teachers always know how to say the wrong thing)

Studio: Bones

Genre: Fantasy, Mystery,  Age: 13+

Released: 28 September 2012 – onwards

Yoshino Takigawa leads a lonely life after his best friend disappears until mysterious circumstances. The teachers are all worried about Mahiro Fuwa, particularly since his family was brutally murdered, and the mystery was never solved.

Warning! May contain spoilers!




School life is lonely and difficult, now that Yoshino lacks the backup to take bullies in school fights. This had always earned the disapproval of Mahiros’ sister.

(It’s practically a law, your best friend’s sister must a hotty)

Whilst visiting the grave of Mahiro’s family, Yoshino meets a strange woman who claims to be looking for his best friend. Apparently, Mahiro was spotted emerging from nowhere at various crime locations, and has something to do with a disease.

(“Let me introduce myself as Eye Candy”)

Things get nasty when she turns a gun on him, and demands information. Just in time, a flying and glowing figure rushes, who turns out to be Mahiro.

(Stopping a gun with a kick)

After making a pact with a mage trapped on a desert island, Mahiro was granted magical abilities that will help him find his family’s killer.

Meanwhile, a disease begins to infect cities, turning people into iron statues.

(It’s not so bad, at least their bodies won’t rot on the street…)

Yoshino and Mahiro get ready for starling revelations and their new life in a disease filled world.

(“We must be awesome and totally outdo the police”)

This is all for sake of the world, and in particular Mahiro’s sister, who was also Yoshino’s girlfriend in secret.

(It’s practically a law, dating your best friend’s sister!)

Overall, the story is shown to the viewer as a chopped up mess, which doesn’t make sense until the final minutes of the first episode. Multiple plot-lines compete for prominence, and the viewer is jerked back and forth, between the past, a desert island and a graveyard.

The orchestral musical score adds atmosphere, and is one of the nicest things about the episode. Even when I zoned out after the graveyard fight, I was thinking how nice the music is.

I couldn’t get over how feminine the boy’s designs were. Both of them looked like they should have higher pitched voices, and be girls essentially. Yoshino, in particular, sports some hair clips.

In a weird contrast the ladies of the show, apart from the curves, have androgynous faces,  making them look masculine. Then, there are the weirdly provocative angles… I couldn’t decide of this show wants to aim at girls with the pretty boys, or guys with the all-four positions that so many of the girls land in.

Rated – 2.5/5 Confusing, though well made.

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