Anime: K – Episode 1 Summary + Review

“When you want to dive into a lush world”

(Skateboarding down skyscrapers. Because why not? )

Studio: GoHands

Genre: Urban, Action,  Age: 13+

Released: 28 September 2012 – onwards

Set in a futuristic and urban japan, a gang surveys rooftops looking for a particular person. They make every move as cool as possible.

Warning! May contain spoilers!




Once found, a conversation place between the man and his captors. The man is scared witless, particularly after he’s been hit on the face with a bat.

(“I could murder you right now with the force of fangirl shrieks…”)

The rest of the gang members arrive, and a small gothic lolita girl announces that he doesn’t know the information. The gang leave feeling down.

(The backstory for the lolita will be: found in a forest, raised by urban gangs…)

A governmental army that uses swords has decided to oppose the gang members.

(“Why yes, I am the Bespeckled Guy. Lovely to meet you, ladies…”)

Old rivalries bloom, and two magical swords appear in the sky, charged and ready for battle.

(No-one in the city noticed this, like you stop caring about car alarms after a while)

At elitist Ashinaka High School, Yashiro Isana (affectionately named Shiro) lounges at lunch. His pet cat is his beloved companion, and also appears to be a naked girl that skips around the school, but can’t be seen by anyone.

(Meet your average joe, with white hair, a cat, and no lunch…)

On his way home, Shiro is spotted by the urban gang mentioned earlier, and the skateboarding guy tails after him.

(Skateboard Guy is too eager to get inside the manga store)

After various violent confrontations, Shiro is rescued by a mysterious man who was watching from the rooftops. He uses telekenetic powers to launch himself and Shiro away from the scene.

(My theory is: This guy probably goes to the same school as Shiro… )

Shiro might be grateful to his savior, but not all is as it seems when a sword is turned on him.

(Being killed on a roof, is worse than being killed in a dark alley…?)

A video is played on every digital device in Japan, which features a murder committing the kill on-screen. He seems to resemble Shiro in an uncanny way…

(It’s Alex-sung versus Pine-apple: The Streetwars)

Overall, there are many good reasons for liking and watching this anime, but the one thing that got my attention, was the sheer gorgeousness of the graphics. Every scene, every angle, and every motion is lovingly animated. Colours merge and gleam, and everything has a radiance to it.

The environment reminded me of the game Mirror’s Edge, and the insanely cool urban gang just made it so much better. Each character’s design is distinct, and they all have their own look, but it meshes together well. The action scenes live up to hype, and are breathtaking.

I think showing a large cast of characters that dress impeccability, and saunter around their own town is sheer genius. It was something that last season’s La Storia Della Arcana Famiglia couldn’t pull off, but here everything looks so slick.

I will be watching this series with my eyes peeled.

Rated – 4/5 Lush, gorgeous and it has must-see action.

See the next episode!

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