Music: Ayumi Hamasaki – LOVEppears – Album Review

“Fly High And Then Immature Boys & Girls End Roll”

Artists: Ayumi Hamasaki

Age: October 2, 1978 (age 33)

Genre: JPop, JRock, Dance, Electronic, House

Released: 10th November 1999

One of my favourite albums, LOVEppears (pronounced ‘love appears’) is stuffed with dance tracks in Ayu’s distinctive voice.

The album follows a very tight and coherent style, so if you’re a fan of 90’s soft rock, electronic, or dance music, and you like a few of the songs, this album will rank high.

Although Boys & Girls is a favourite among many fans, WHATEVER, And Then, and Fly High are upbeat and vocally more interesting.

Even though it’s been a two decades since this album was released, the dance songs haven’t aged.

See below for album previews:




A surprise for many fans is the abrupt end to monochrome, the song simply cuts off on a note. In the single version, the producer can be heard speaking over the track, this was cut out for the album.

P.S II is a blustering, drum-rolling version of POWDER SNOW from her A Song for XX album. This version has slightly less squeaky vocals, though nothing can trump the piano remix version on Disk 2. Who… is a lovely ballad, ending with the haunting hidden-track kanariya.

When this album was initially released, there was a lot of controversy about Ayu posing topless on the cover.



NOTE: In Japan, song titles are usually stylised with capital letters and symbols.

Disk 1

1. Introduction
2. Fly High
3. Trauma
4. And Then
5. immature (Album Version)
6. Boys & Girls
7. TO BE
8. End Roll
9. P.S II
10. WHATEVER (Dub’s 1999 remix)
11. too late
12. appears
13. monochrome
14. Interlude
15. LOVE ~refrain~
16. Who…
17. kanariya (hidden track)

Disk 2

1. ayu’s EURO MEGA-MIX (Y&Co. Mix)
2. ayu’s HOUSE MEGA-MIX (N.S House Mix)
3. A Song for XX (MILLENNIUM MIX from 1st Album)
4. POWDER SNOW (Acoustic Orchestra Version from ayu-mi-x)
5. FRIEND II (MAKE MY MAD MIX” from ayu-mi-x)

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