Anime: Kamisama Hajimemashita – Episode 1 Summary + Review

“So you wanna be a home-owner? Well, how about a god…?”

(Compliments are always better by moonlight….)

Studio: TMS Entertainment

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Fantasy,  Age: 13+

Released: 28 September 2012 – onwards

When her father gathers huge debts, Nanami Momozono is unceremoniously kicked out of her house and must live on the streets. She’s wondering where to pick up her life in the local park, an ends up saving man who is strangely afraid of dogs. His name is Makage, and he gives her directions where she might find shelter.

Upon arriving, she finds out it’s a temple, and she is now the replacement for the Earth Deity!

Warning! May contain spoilers!




A young fox demon inside, Tomoe, has been waiting for the correct owner to return for many years, and isn’t happy to see a human girl take Mikage’s place.

Frustrated that he has a new master, he leaves for the demon world.

(“So… are you human. Wait, better question! Do you have two sets of ears?)

Nanami learns that Tomoe has been carefully maintaining the temple, and writing down every prayer and offering i his master’s absence.

(A lot of the prayers involved killing an enemy…)

She decides to find Tomoe, and work out some kind of agreement. Tomoe has been busy relaxing in a red light district of the demon world.

(Not just any Geisha, these are demon Geisha. They kill you after you pay…)

Namami catch the eyes of some demons, who notice her weak powers, and her human smell. Namami is chased through the demon world by several being, including a demon hag pretending to be a helpless old woman.

(“See that girl? Open your eyes a bit bigger, your eyesight is really bad”)

Things are looking tough for her, but Tomoe is sitting back and watching her demise.

(Tomoe is looking forward to scattering her rotten carcass)

Nanami does the only thing that’s possible to forge a contract between her and Tomoe, and kisses him. Tomoe becomes enslaved to her, although he;s not happy about losing his freedom. You can tell he will make her suffer for  along time…

(“I will create a land where all deities worship me…! Kiss all the demons!”)

Overall, it’s a typical shojou anime with plenty of random, and inconceivable, elements thrown into a soup pot. Maybe I prefer slicker stories, but this episode consisted of a lot of screaming and running from place to place.

The “bond” between Nanami and Tomoe forces an odd-couple together, and you know the drill, they get feelings, and all that jazz. It wasn’t excruciatingly painful to watch. If you’re a newcomer to shojou anime, or prefer your zanier series, then go for it. If you need a mature leading couple, then skip.

Rated – 3/5 Typically shojou, but turns teenage-y.

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