TV: Sinbad – Episode 12 Series Finale Summary + Review

“A dark and blue episode… literally”

(“We have a ship. We could go to tropical islands… but no…”)

Airing on: Sky

Genre: Adventure, Family, Action, Fantasy, Drama, Age: All ages

Released: 8th July 2012 – onwards

From the previous episode, the crew of The Providence reach the Land of the Dead’s city, where lost souls are held in limbo. Unknown to them, Taryn has been possessing Tiger and drawing them deeper into the city for her own reasons?

What is her plan? And will Sinbad find his brother?

Warning! May contain spoilers!




The Guardian of the city attacks Sinbad when he is separated from the rest of the group.

(Tanning in the Land of the Dead is difficult, but not impossible)

Feeding of his soul, Sinbad is transported to an alternative Basra. The celebrations for the Amir’s birthday are commencing.

(Sinbad is diagnosed with the most severe case of bedhead)

Gunnar realises that Tiger is not herself. He forces Taryn to reveal herself.

(“You’re not the woman I knew…”)

In the alternative Basra, Sinbad comes across Gunnar, who doesn’t recognise him. They have a street fight in which Sinbad is badly hurt.

(Sinbad struggles to get his hands around Gunnar’s guns)

Anwar, a passing doctor, takes him in to nurse his injuries. He doesn’t recognise Sinbad either, and is shocked when he hears dreams of running away on a ship with Sinbad.

(“Wait, I left my job as a doctor? Really?”)

The crew manage to get Sinbad away from the Guardian, and Gunnar demands that Taryn should save Sinbad.

(“Rescue him, or there will be more strangling in your future”)

Still travelling in the alternate world, Sinbad goes to his house in the city. His dead brother Jamil answers the door. Jamil gets angry after Sinbad claims to be his brother, because his mother died while she was still pregnant, and he has no brother.

(Living in Basra invites the most crazy people to visit your house)

Anwar, who has been following Sinbad all this time, tells him that Sinbad doesn’t have a heart-beat. He’s dead.

(“I’m pale because I’m dead? I thought I was getting tanorexic”)

Sinbad is lurched back the Land of the Dead, partly by the shock of this revelation, and partly by Taryn’s magic.

A shout draws him attention, and he is reunited with the dead Jamil, who resides in the Land of the Dead.

(Now they can go back to swindling people with cheeky grins)

After a happy reunion, the crew are getting ready to leave. Taryn decides to go look for her daughter, who died a long time ago from an illness.

Sinbad and the crew find her in a library. Mother and daughter have an emotional reunion.

(Good thing the Land of the Dead has a library)

Alehna, Raryn’s daughter, claims that she knows about Sinbad. The library keeps records of everyone that has been in the Land of the Dead before.

The story as she knows is is that, Sinbad’s father was a mage who lost his wife and unborn baby. He used powerful magic to return their spirits to the world of living, and lost himself in this land. This is news to Sinbad and Jamil, who assumed that their father was a drunk who left their mother.

Sinbad is actually Half-Dead, and has a connection with the city and powerful magic.

(“I can’t wait to escape and read in sunlight”)

The Guardian of the Land of the Dead catches up the group. The crew can’t flee from him anymore.

(Massive snake? Mutated minotaur? Alien spaceship? Keep guessing…)

Jamil sacrifices his soul to the Gurdian while the rest rush away.

(“THIS. Shall be the most epic sacrifice ever…”)

On board the ship, Sinbad mourns the second death of his brother, who can now never be rescued. Anwar comforts him, and tells him that he must move on for the sake of his brother.

(“Just remember… we have season 2. This budding bro-mance will continue…”)

Taryn is happy that her daughter has been returned to her, but it’s revealed that the young girl harbours a darkness inside of her.

(Until next time….)

Overall, the final episode rushes through a lot of important details. Taryn is the bad guy until half-way through this episode, then she has everyone’s sympathy. Doting mother or not, that was a fast turn-around for the characters.

The rest of the characters, including the mysterious Tiger, take a back seat while Sinbad leads their life. It struck me as very odd. Didn’t Gunnar lose someone too, or Rina.. or Anwar..? Come on.

The Guardian of the Land of the Dead was actually pretty cool. Amazingly dark character design, and movement. It’s a shame that it only had two scenes. It’s also a shame that Sinbad, and the audience, doesn’t get the fulfilment for the series. I predict that series 2 will air in a year or two, because so much is left in the air.

Harry Potter actress Evanna Lynch plays Taryn’s daughter Alehna. At first I thought she would keep the whispy voice, but she changed it for a mature character. I finally realised who Jamil is played by! Devon Anderson who played Taj Lewis in Kerching!.

Another actor that featured in a previous episode was his co-star Hannah Tointon. It feels very nostalgic to see actors that I grew up watching.

I’ve enjoyed this series. The first few episodes spent too long introducing characters and their petty problems, but the ball was soon rolling, and introduced new mythology and meatier characters.  The overall effect might have been a bit disjointed, but the overall season conveyed its fantasy setting well.

Rated 3.5/5 – Confusing with multiple wanderings from characters.


See the previous episode!

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