TV: Downton Abbey S3 – Episode 3 Summary + Review

“Third times a charm… isn’t it?”

(Edith will spare no expense for the second wedding in the Crawley house)

Airing on: ITV

Genre: Family, Slice of Life, Drama, Age: All ages

Released: 16th September 2012 – onwards (UK Version)

From the previous episode, a month has already passed and Edith is preparing for her wedding to Sir Anthony. Food, decorations and celebrations are being prepared for the middle Crawley sister, who is marrying last.

Warning! May contain spoilers!




Thomas chooses to plant some false information to Mr Molesly which would affect O’Brien’;s future employment.

(In modern times, Thomas would have been great swindler)

Hearing that O’Brien will be leaving the household, Mr Molesly suggests his niece as a potential candidate for her replacement. Cora Crawley is shocked to hear this news.

(Further employment when the house is broke? Good luck.)

Mr Carson confronts Dr Clarkson about Mrs Hughes condition. The doctor chooses not to reveal anything, but does hint that it could be potentially lethal.

Mr Carson decides to let Mrs Hughes have a smaller workload wherever possible.

(“Can’t you just… pass me the keys to your office. I’ll take a look myself..”)

Lord Grantham and Sir Anthonty have a sitdown, where Sir Anthony promises to make his daughter happy. Neither man is assured of their position in the future.

(How to have an awkward talk between old friends)

Ethel turns up to a workshop held by Mrs Crawley, but again leaves without revealing the important information that she had.

(Ethel proves that you can be an annoying pop-up character)

Matthew Crawley receives a letter by Lavinia’s father. It contains important information for the hair, and Matthew is put in a difficult position of whether or not to accept the money.

(“Hello, are you here to deliver the money?”)

Anna goes to see Mr Bate’s previous wife’s friend. It proves to be a fruitless search as the lady is not helpful, and blames the late Mrs Bates’s murder on the husband. Without further proof, Bates will not be able to leave prison.

(“Can’t I just bribe you into giving evidence?”)

Meanwhile, inside the prison compound, other prisoners are turning against Mr Bates. The latest stunt is a rumour that he has substances inside his room, which results in a search.

(Bates receives his first love-letter in prison. But from whom? Dun-dun-duuun.)

The Crawley family decide to visit the smaller house where they will live after they have left Downton Abbey. Christened Downton Place, it’s significantly smaller than they are used to.

Mary is told about Matthew’s decision to not open the letter.

(“This house is the size of a closet…”)

Mrs Crawley decide to track down Ethel, by asking Mrs Hughes for a previous address.

(Mrs Crawley takes more interest in Ethel than her former employer)

O’Brien’s “decision to leave” comes out into the open, and naturally she has no idea why Mr Molesly would spread this rumour. O’Brien suspects that Thomas may have had something to do with the rumour. She reassures Cora Grantham that the rumour is completely false.

(“Voted the nastiest character? Why, thankyou.”)

Cora Crawley, having being told by Mr Carson, summons Mrs Hughes to her rooms to discuss the outcome of the illness. She assures Mrs Hughes that the Crawley family will take of her, of which Mrs Hughes is genuinely touched.

(“I’m not dying, you don’t have to book the funeral services…”)

The day before the wedding, Edith crows excitedly about her wedding plans and the traveling honeymoon.

(Edith is looking forward to seeing a lot of old skin…)

Mary opens the letter that Matthew refused to, and reads it out to him. the letter absolves all faults between Lavinia and Matthew’ relationship, and Matthew is left guilt-free to take the money.

(“Keep the money. That’s what it says. Keep it.”)

On the wedding day, Edith is given her blessings by Mary, and both sister’s feel that their life is looking up.

(“After this, let’s compare weddings…”)

Sir Anthony, however, has a strange expression on his face as Edith walks down the isle.

(Sir Anthony has flashbacks to his first wife, first wedding, first life…)

The couple look happy together when the wedding ceremony begins, but Sir Anthony interrupts the priest about his changed decision.

(“Edith, sorry, but I’m going to run.”)

Edith if left at the alter while Sir Anthony makes his escape. Countess Grantham reassures Edith that this is the best possible outcome for her.

(Granny takes the lead on comforting Edith)

At home, Edith is grieved at the disaster. She confined herself to her room.

(Worst wedding surprise ever…)

Matthew Crawley confronts Lord Grantham about the money, which he will give as co-owner of Downton Abbey.

(“Great, Edith is rich enough to marry again…”)

The servants are left to eat the wedding dinner that was to be served to the guests.

(After a life of bread and water, the staff figure out lobster…)

Edith accepts her fate as a spinster, and decides to be lead a productive, if lonely, life.

(“Bring me all the chocolate in the world. ALL of it”)

Mrs Hughes sees the doctor about her cancer worries.

(“Good luck with your results”)

At Downton Abbey, Mr Carson is told by Mrs Hughes that it was a negative results, leading to a very happy Mrs Hughes abd Mr Carson.

(“I forgot what the doctor said, but it’s not cancer…”)

Overall, I had my fingers crossed that something good would happen to Edith. …It was not meant to be.

I’m really disappointed with the writers that choose to destroy Edith, time and time again. I feel like her character embodies the insecurities that every woman feels, so to never have happiness, it’s shocking.

I’m not sure if Mrs Hughes lied to Mr Carson about not having cancer, or if it was real. It showed her smiling at the end, so I hope that she’s better.

The financial woes seem to have been sorted, which is nice. In any other episode, it might have been the best part. Sadly Edit’s misery completely overshadows it.

Rated 4/5 – Twists and turns of complex characters.

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