Anime: Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun (My Little Monster) – Episode 1 Summary + Review

“A couple in high school…”

(“This is a rom-com, and I’m the lead girl…? I have studying to do…”)

Studio: Brain’s base

Genre: Romantic, Comedy, Shojou, Drama  Age: 13+

Released: 28 September 2012 – onwards

Shizuku Mizutani is a hardworking student who has spent her whole life getting perfect grades. A teacher asks her to deliver homework to a student that stopped coming to school. The delinquent boy is called Haru, who is simplistic to a fault. These two have a chemistry, but what kind?

Warning! May contain spoilers!




Haru is wary of Shizuku, thinking that she might persuade him to come back to school. Shizuku has no time for plans like this, and denies anything more than delivering his notes. Strangely, Haru sees someone do a friendly deed for him, and immediately accepts Shizuku as a friend.

(If you feed Haru then he’ll be your servant forever, but that’s a different anime)

After school the next day, she’s grabbed without warning and Haru takes her to see a stray dog that the found.

(Insert infamous line here)

At a food place, Haru’s other deliquient friends stop by, asking him for money, which he gives.

(“This isn’t a cheap date, because we’re not dating…”)

Shizuku can’t help herself, and criticises his friends for only staying with him, because he give them money. Haru is insulted and stalks off.

(How to Not Treat a Girl No. 29)

Taking out her frustration, firstly with baseball and then with with Haru’s friends who mock him, Shizuku leaves Haru’s building in a huff.

(Stop bullying Haru, or Shizaku will report everyone to owner of this building.)

Feeling touched that she defended him to stronger boys, Haru confesses his love for her. Shizuku is stumped by this sudden declaration and tells him it’s more to do with the fact he’s fact, rather than actually loving her.

(“I need a friend. Shizuku, I choose you!”)

Haru returns to school, and often shows affection for Shizuku in strange and inconvenient ways.

(How to Not Treat A Girl No. 12)

Her main priorities are studying,. and Shizuku does her best to ignore Haru, until she remembers that he was the student who got top grades in the entrance exams. Feeling a bit jaded, she decides to ignore him until, she can be ta the number one spot.

(Haru proves there’s more in his brain than fluff)

A group of third-years decide to kidnap her in their class as reveneg for Haru beating them up.

(The least you can do for a kidnapped person is give them a chair)

Haru completely overreacts in this situation and ends up hurting Shizuku, rather the kidnappers. She doesn’t think they should be friends anymore.

(How to Not Treat a Girl No. 3)

At the mid-terms, her hard work bears fruit, as Shizuku claims the top spot.

(Shizuku progresses in the world. Soon, she will rule the school. *Evil laughter*)

She apologises to Haru, and they become friends again.

(“Are you still interested? We have the whole season ahead…”)

Whilst working in the library, Shizuku is touched by Haru’s honouring of her study habits. she takes him out for food, and he randomly kisses her. For him, it’s an experiment, for her it’s the start of new feelings.

(“My very first feeling besides studying….”)

Overall, I really enjoyed this wacky romantic comedy. The lead characters are good, although a bit typical of shojou anime. Smart girls and smart guys always go together, and maybe even more if one of them is a delinquent and secretly a genius.

The animation is lovely and clean looking, and maybe the plot is random at the moment, but it’s funny. I will definitely be following this series.

Rated – 4/5 Funny, cute and sweet.

See the next episode!

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