Anime: Sword Art Online – Episode 13 Summary + Review

“Teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for life… unless he has no cooking skills”

(Kirito realises fishing is the nicest way to waste your life)

Studio: A-1 Pictures

Genre: Game, MMO, Fantasy, Sc-Fi, Age: 13+

Released: 6th July 2012 – onwards

From the previous episode, Kirito and Asuna continue with their honeymoon. Spending his days by the lake, Kirito has very little luck with trying to catch a fish for dinner. Other people seem to have more skill in this…

Warning! May contain spoilers!




A fishing player called Nishida has spent his entire Sword Art career fishing in the lakes. He’s well functioned to this world, and doesn’t think he could go back to his old job.

The only bad thing about catching the rarer fish is that he doesn’t have the cooking skill to make dishes. Naturally, Kirito invites him to dinner.

(“I had a boring job. I traded it for a boring hobby” )

A tournament is held to catch a large fish that Nishida mentions over dinner. A lot of people turn up for the event.

(Everyone except the main characters wear such ugly clothes)

Nishida and Kirito collaporate to catch a large fish like none they’ve seen before. It jumps out of the water, and heads straight for the players!

(What’s worse, killing this thing? Or eating it?)

Asuna defeats it with a couple of strikes. Her skills are legendary in Swort Art Online, and she’s soon surrounded by a crowd of admirers.

(“Asuna, if you ever cheat on Kirito, remember we are available anytime.”)

Asuna is emotional at how calmly Nishida lives in this world. She admits that now she’s happy with Kirito, who she met in this virtual world rtaher than real life, she’s happy to stay in SAO a little longer.

(Asuna is grateful for the Asuna-fanclub Guild)

Kirito and Asuna get a call from Heathcliff, asking them to ome back to the front-lines. Both of them have their honeymoon cut short, but both also realise that they have a biological time limit. Their bodies are stuck on some hospital beds while they play this game.

(“Let’s get married in the real world… but first, let’s get back to the real world”)

Heathcliff has gathered strong players from various guilds that will take on a Level 75 monster.

(Heathcliff proves that he has legs and can indeed walk)

The boss on the 75th Floor is the Skull Repear, which has already killed a strong scouting party. When Kirito and Asuna and the rest arrive, it takes out some players with one hit.

(It will take a lot of meat to feed this boss character, he’s all bones!)

A strategy is developed to have players defend and attack in doubles, with Kirito and Asuna taking the lead.

(The other members decide to take a time out, and let the couple handle things)

The strategy seems to be working, but the boss has a lot of life points, and it’s going to be a long fight. The episode ends on a cliffhanger.

(The Skull Reaper’s facebook profile picture)

Overall, this episode has two parts to it. The first part is about fishing, where everyone is happy to enjoy the wonders of a virtual world. Then the second half turns things completely around, and the audience is reminded that players will die if they get complacent.

I didn’t think much of the fish arc, but the boss fight was amazing. The Kirito-Asuna teamwork that can be seen in the SAO opening against the The Gleam Eyes didn’t happen, instead Kirito takes control (episode 8 and episode 9), so it’s nice to see the teamwork against this boss..

What I didn’t get was, the party they took to the 75th floor would have been strong, but some random players died at first hit anyway? Either they were weak, the boss is really strong, or Kirito and Asuna are magic. Whatever, I liked the animation and design of the Skull Reaper at least.

Rated – 4/5 Second half of the episode is exciting and action packed.

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