Anime: Tari Tari – Episode 13 Series Finale Summary + Review

“Everybody do a rain-dance”

(The pressure got to Konatsu, and she went insane shortly before the performance)

Studio: P.A.Works

Genre: School, Music, Slice of Life, Age: All ages

Released: July 1 2012 – onwards

From the previous episode, the day of the festival arrives, and it’s a disappointingly rainy day. Everyone has put in hard work into rehearsals and other preparation, so the show will go on…

Warning! May contain spoilers!




The group turn up at the school to find that it has been closed up, and guards have been placed around the entrances.

(The girls are hesitant to climb over wet gates with skirts on)

The Board Chairman comes up to warn them all of their actions. He will work hard to expel them if they trespass onto school property.

(“I hate kids. Ever since I was born, I’ve hated them…”)

Just as things are getting serious, the School Principle turns up, and gives them permission to perform. School Chairmen don’t have the power to expel students, only principles can do that.

(“You guys put in all this hard work by yourself. Clearly this is a great school…”)

The Principle apologises sincerely for not helping them out sooner, because holding the festival is the right choice. As if the Board Chairman couldn’t get any more red-faced, the Principle accidentally pulls down his trousers in front of everyone. The Board Chairman makes a hasty retreat.

(Totally an accident, and not deliberate)

Miss Takakura comes to help out on the festival, providing any help with the Vocal group, who have been practicing the song that Wakana wrote.

(“I’ve broken all copyright laws, just so Wakana can have this surprise”)

Crowds turn up to watch the festival performance, but the group don;t have access to the school gym, where they were meant to perform.

(Don’t perform near the road in wet and slippery conditions)

Konatsu and the Vocal group make an improvised stage from the school gardens.

(Konatsu wants a part where they all break-down into disco moves)

The rain finally clears, and when everyone is ready, the group act ans sing their hearts out. Their singing is accompanied by the Vocal group, and the audience seems to enjoy the memorable performance.

(“La la la la~# Like we practiced guys, come one~#”)

Now that the school festival is over, it’s back to harsh reality of the school closing, and everyone having to move on. Konatsu begins her study so she can get into University.

(Who needs maths when you’ve been in the Choir-and-sometimes-badminton group?)

Sawa reveals her plans to go abroad, in the hope that she can become a jockey there. Wien decides to return to his country, and Taichi is enrolling in a school using his scholarship.

(Sawa wants a clean break)

Wakana is the only person who lacks the grades for further education, but Miss Takakura agrees to help her study music.

(“Don’t fall in love with my dad. That’s potentially Series 2 material…”)

At graduation, the group sing a song to Sawa, who is already abroad.

(Sawa is with you in spirit)

The series comes to an end, with everyone looking fondly on their time at school.

(“The most fun in our lives… So far.”)

Overall, the final episode succeeds in making me have a “squee” moment. I enjoyed the performance put on by the group, and their knockdown of the board chairman was so satisfying. The Condor Queens, and other minor characters, also make a small appearance. It ties up nicely.

It’s such a shame that there isn’t a conclusion for the Sawa-Taichi romance, even though it looks like Taichi confesses to her at the airport. That’s small potatoes compared with the finality of the school shutting down.

I’m a bit crushed now that Tari Tari‘s finally ended. It has beautiful animation, likable characters and an interesting, vivid plot. I’ve watched a lot of slice-of-life stuff, and this is the first one where I actually grew with the characters. Their happiness was my happiness, so to speak, and I could relate to a lot of their issues. It’s a sign of good writing, and good plotting, when a series can leave you with a hole in heart and anime schedule. I definitely recommend checking out the series.

Rated 4/5  Consistently good plots, pacing. Likable characters, and enjoyable journey.

See the previous episode!

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