Anime: Binbougami ga! – Episode 13 Series Finale Summary + Review

“What to do before you die”

(Ranmaru’s new job is in the piggyback-transport business)

Studio: Sunrise

Genre: Surreal, Drama, Fantasy, Comedy, Age: 13+

Released: July 1 2012 – onwards

From the last episode, Sakura breaks free from her bonds, and now she and Momiji are on the run from Momou and Teddy. Ranmaru helps them out, although she’s confused why Momou and Teddy are attacking them.

This episode contains material not suitable for younger viewers!

They come across Bobby, who is working as a delivery man. He decides to help them, provided Sakura “pays” him afterwards.

(Someday the business swill grow enough for Ranmaru for to afford a vehicle)

Sakura can’t explain her feelings of why she’s being nice to Momiji, but she claims it’s for selfish reasons.

(“This isn’t a shojou anime, Sakura, spit it out”)

Desopite their best efforts, Momou and Teddy are catchy up quickly, and are casing harm to innocent people in the process.

(GTA: Binbougami… okay, not really)

Ranmaru jumps off the truck and battles Momou. It doesn’t go as planned when he transform, an she doesn’t have the heart to beat up a small dog.

(This scene sadly lacked a high speed train, and guns)

Sakura and Tama-cham decide to confront Teddy, while Bobby drivess off with Momiji to the next city. Teddy warns Sakura that Momiji will die if she isn’t returned to her powers, because God of Misfortune turn humans after they’ve been cleaned. Momiji has been human for the past seven days, and she only has half-an-hour left before she can change back.

(“Tama-chan! Scratch that Teddy up!”)

Teddy rushes off to help Momiji, and Sakura is left feeling disturbed. Momiji didn’t tell Sakura that God of Misfortune can die if they are washed. Still unable to face her feeling, a coincidental meeting with Keita happens, and he tells her that she already knows the answer to her problem.

(“You know, everyone though you were my love interest for ages. It’s actually Ranmaru..”)

Momiji is being confronted by Teddy, and she confesses he didn’t tell Sakura because hse didn’t want to cause harm to others.

Sakura rescues Momiji just as she’s about to jump off into the river.

(“Don’t hang off bridges Momiji. Commit suicide in a more convenient place”)

Everything is going peachy, until Sakura releases Momiji’s hand!

Momiji lands in a garbage barge that was passing underneath. Sakura has lost her newly-found friend.

(You’ll thank Sakura when the smely dust settles)

Momiji returns to her old biting self, but she still remembers how nice she and Sakura were to each other. the two have a cool agreement to not be too nasty to each other.

(“Best Rivals Forever”)

Less than a minute has passed before they’re at each other throats. That’s how it ends.

(Sakura and Momiji can’t decide between friendship bracelets or necklaces…)

Overall, I should have enjoyed this episode more than I did. It’s the final time that Sakura and Momiji will be at each others throats, but truthfully, there was too much of the nice-Momiji to make it feel nostalgic. Much of the episode is a chase, and Binbougami has never been known for its artistic standards, so we get a race through a very dull city. The reconciliation was cheesy, but heartfelt.

The entire series has been good, I’ve enjoyed both characters, though Momiji is definitely my favourite. The fake teaser at the end for series 2 got my hopes up, but it’s not real. Such a shame, I would watch it.

Rated – 3.5/5 Girl-crushes, and friendship speeches. Cheesy and sweet.


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