Anime: Sword Art Online – Episode 12 Summary + Review

“Everyone gets stuck in a dungeon at one point in their lives”

(“Hi, I’m Yui’s mother… No, I’m not. But please help me…”)

Studio: A-1 Pictures

Genre: Game, MMO, Fantasy, Sc-Fi, Age: 13+

Released: 6th July 2012 – onwards

From the previous episode, Kirito and Asuna ask the runner of a orphanage in the Town of Beginnings if she knows anything about Yui. Although a lot of children pass through her church, she knows nothing about how Yui could have been in the middle of the forest.

A member of The Army called Yulier arrives at the door asking for the pair’s help. She believes that an influential member has been trapped in an underground dungeon, but she is not strong enough to rescue him.

Warning! May contain spoilers!




The dungeon is located underneath the Town of Beginnings and contains various powerful monster. Without backup, there is little hope of something getting out of there.

(“So, is there a good chance of us getting out alive…?” )

Kirito proves that he strong enough to take on multiple strong enemies.

(Hypnotoad? Is that you?)

Thinker, the person trapped in the dungeon, sees them coming to rescue him, but shouts a warning too late.

(Thinker is more of a shouter)

A boss called The Fatal Scythe decides to initiate battle.

(“Your time is up, Kirito. I will kill you and steal the threads”)

Yui is sent safely to the sidelines with, thinker and Yulier.

(If the teleport stones worked, couldn’t Thinker have teleported out already?)

Both Kirito and Asuna decide to take on the boss, however it proves too strong for both of them combined.

(Asuna and Kirito won’t die without a fight)

Thjnks are looking bad with of them on the floor. Yui steps in the boss’s way. Asuna thinks that Yui will be dreadfully harmed, but she proves to be an ‘immortal’ object in the game, and cannot be destroyed by the boss.

Yui eventually wins the duel.

(“You can’t take my pretend-parents. I will bust your ass…”)

She confesses to Asuna and Kirito that her memories have returned, and she is actually an internal Ai of the game. Originally, she was created to interact with other players and make them comfortable in this world.

However, changes to her commands meant that she could only watch, slowly getting more and more programming erriors as players were unhappy in this world.

Seeing Kirito and Asuna’s happiness from afar, she wanted to get close to them.

(“I’m not really real, but you still love me right?”)

Now that her existence has been brought to the attention of the game’s control system, she will be deleted because of her excess amounts if errors. Yui says goodbye to Asuna and Kirito, telling them to smile.

(If Asuna dies, they will meet in Digital Heaven)

Kirito saves a piece of her as she’s about to be deleted. He promises that when they get of the game, they can try and restore her data.

(Totally Yui’s heart. No mistake. Kirito is sure…)

Overall, I thought “Oh, it’s one of those AI-with-compassion episodes”. Yui never grew on me, but the characters however, responded really well and pretty much adopted her their child anyway. It was sad to say goodbye, I just wish it hadn’t come with a large info-dump.

The episode has an exciting boss battle in any case, and Kirito and Asuna have some weaknesses, which makes the series more interesting than being all powerful.

I’m looking forward to how Kirito and Asuna move on from their honeymoon period, and how the rest of the series progresses.

Rated – 4/5 Dramatic, and touching.

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