Anime: Tari Tari – Episode 12 Summary + Review

“Everybody needs costumes or this won’t work”

(The song is put on repeat until everybody can sing it in their sleep)

Studio: P.A.Works

Genre: School, Music, Slice of Life, Age: All ages

Released: July 1 2012 – onwards

From the previous episode, despite the school’s White Festival being cancelled, and the shutting down schedules for later, the group decide to carry on with their plans to perform.

Warning! May contain spoilers!




As his agreement with another schoolboy, Taichi has to get a picture of Sawa in exchange for scenery backgrounds. Sawa agrees to let the picture be taken, but Taichi is awed too much to let this be the picture he parts with.

(Taichi’s hand is visibly shaking as he snaps a picture of Sawa)

Taking a less attractive picture, he gives that to his friend instead.

(“You have the picture. Now can you be a perve while you paint the set”)

Konatsu battles hard for the school’s reconsideration of the White Festival. even though other groups agree with her, there is no way the school can backtrack on its announcement now.

(All in favour of dancing on the principle’s grave)

By mistake, everything that the group had done in preparation for the performance is sent to the rubbish tip. Even after recovering it, Wien’s props are damaged beyond repair.

(Wien has  a breakdown from losing his hard work)

Wakana comes across Miss Takakura at the grave of her mother. Asking her to listen to the song she and her mum wrote, Wakana thanks her for her advice.

Miss Takakura tells her that she only repeated what Wakana’s mum has said.

(Wakana begs for praise from Miss Takakura – her new role model)

Wien pulls an all-niter at the school, managing to complete a few of the props. The costumes are still not done, and Taichi wants to take on that task.

(School cushions are nasty, but when you gotta sleep, you gotta sleep…)

Unfortunately, he doesn’t know the first thing about sewing and has to enlist the help of the sewing club.

(A world away from badminton…)

The club members aren’t impressed with his abilities, but agree to make the costume, if only for something to do.

(“You guys aren’t going to gossip about my masculinity behind my back, are you?”)

Sawa begs the local council to let the new White Festival be promoted in the area. Although they don’t want to promote against the decision of the school, they agree that there’s no harm in letting the word out.

(“If you promote the festival, I’ll get my dad to sent you all into heaven…”)

Konatsu asks her friend from the Vocal Group to help play the song at the new festival. Although her friend is willing, the leader of the Vocal Group doesn’t think that they should be wasting time.

(“This is our chance! Rip up their music and we have no competition!”)

The Principle tries to respond to the pleas of his students and give them the official title of White Festival, but the developers don’t want to cause waves by revoking their earlier decision to cancel.

(“Feeding children wine is wrong. Wrong, but it might shut them up..”)

The various students helping out at the new White Festival production get preparations ready.

(New idea for anime: Cute Girls Sewing Club! Or has that been done?)

Meanwhile, there’s nothing left for the group to do except wait, and pray that lots of people turn up on a sunny day.

(“Come on guys, help me pray for a sunny day!”)

Overall, I’m falling in love with this cast, and can’t wait to see the production they made. Wakana’s song has a familiar melody, and has been played in tantalising snippets. Hearing it in full would be a treat worthy of the final episode, even if the group has decided to do some vague movements alongside to it, referred insultingly as dancing.

It was a great episode. I’m also liking the hints of Taichi-Sawa that have been seeded.

Rated 4/5  Packed episode with great moments and excitement building.

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See the previous episode!

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  1. Errant Princess

     /  September 30, 2012

    Tari Tari is rather cute. I find I kind of love the songs, too.

  2. This may not be what you had in mind for ‘cute girls sewing club’, but there’s a sewing club in Kill La Kill ^___^;;


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