Anime: La Storia Della Arcana Famiglia – Episode 12 Series Finale Summary + Review

“The Arcana participants are on their way”

(“Try peeking next time, and you’ll be even worse!”)

Studio: J.C.Staff

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Romance, Reverse-Harem, Shoujo, Age: All ages

Released: July 1 2012 – onwards

From the last episode, the Arcana tournament is finally here. All of the family members participate in order to win one wish from Papa, becoming leader of the Arcana family and getting the hand of Felicita.

Felicita herself won’t let her marriage be arranged that easily. She takes out a good number of participants in the initial rounds.

Warning! May Contain Spoilers!




Pace, Debito and Luca are unceremoniously beaten by Felicita and left to sulk in a corner. Jolly, who was allowed exemption from the tournament tells them that the reason Felicita is so strong is because she has a good reason to fight. If she can win the tournament and get a husband from there, she can use the Wheel of Fortune’s power with The Lover’s powers, to free her father from The World card’s effect without losing her memories.

(“You guys are the side characters, and always will be”)

Liberta battles and defeats Dante in a tense duel, where he thanks Dante for taking care of him since he was younger.

(Liberta has linked baldness to powers, and will now shave his head with a sword)

Similarly, Nova battles Mama, and his feelings are genuine, even when he beats her.

(“You fight well, for a inadequately dressed woman in a fighting tournament”)

Liberta and Nova have a tense duel that lasts until sunset. Both of them are evenly matched.

(“The fangirls like me best, Liberta. I always believed in them…”)

After using their Arcana powers however, both of them exhaust each other and wake up the next day.

(“Someone recorded us sleeping, and now it has  a million hits on Youtube?”)

A flashback to the tournament reveals that Felicita eventually won the tournament by default, as the other finalists were knocked out. She eventually defeats Papa.

(How awkward would it be if her Papa won the tournament?)

The Lover’s card gives her the ability to finally free Papa’s degrading health.

(More nude pictures of Felicita’s appear, thanks to her Arcana card)

Papa grants her wish for him to remain as head of the Arcana house as long as he lives. Felicita will choose her own partner when the time comes, and Papa would be willing to give the challenger a good fight.

(“There no prize money involved, I’m just selling our daughter”)

In Felicita’s future, she will become Donna of the Arcana Famiglia.

(After this picture, they will finally go police their island)

Overall, as ecstatic I was when the tournament episode appeared, I’m equally disappointed at the hashing of good fights. Half of the fights aren’t shown, especially with interesting characters like Jolly or Debito. Instead, we get one kick and the loser is stuffed into a waiting corner.

I thought the youngsters might be able to pull off the action scenes, but instead of using their magical powers, which the entire series is about, Nova and Liberta battle with swords…. and then wake up the next day! Their fight isn’t even completed.

There’s no conclusion to the series at all. Felicita’s lover doesn’t get chosen, none of the boys come out on top. The rest of town’s policing can wait for this ridiculously staged tournament, narrated by the squeakiest girl I have heard in anime.

Maybe it’s my fault for waiting so long for this series to pull up it’s socks, when it never could. I don’t regret watching the Mildly Interesting Adventures of Arcana Famiglia, however, it should have been a better ride.

Rated – 3/5 Weak tournament. Lots of empty and missing scenes.


See the previous episode!

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